It’s not enough to say “Oh, all that stuff goes to my junk folder”

The number of hacker messages from my friends has slowed down form the all time high of everyone. Now it is down to a trickle of the same people over and over. I had a call from one of my friends who told me that all that stuff goes to his junk folder and it’s not a problem for him.


If I’m on your contact list, unless you have me blacked, a message from me WON’T be showing up in your junk file. That is what those hackers are planning. You’ll see my name and open the link and bingo! Now the hacker nation has another email they can use.

So again, if you get an email from me with a cryptic message in the subject line, mark it as fishing and delete it. Don’t even open it.

I’m pretty sure that it will eventually stop if no one opens the link. If you do, you too will be hacked.
Run some deep cleaning two or three times a day. It won’t fix the damage you have already been mired in, but it will stop new stuff from happening. And since the idea is to get people to open the links, sooner or later, my email will be dropped off the list because it will reach the realm of diminishing returns.

And believe me, it is not just me. It is everyone with an email address who foolishly opens up a link they don’t know for sure is safe. Curiosity is a good thing, just not when your email address is attached to it. It’s sort of like innocently opening one porn site. One thing leads to another and pretty soon, your laptop is the local chapter of Bada Bing and you are getting pop-ups of stuff you never in your wildest imagination could even THINK up!


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