Life is just not all that you expect

It is a grim and dismal time here at Chez Chloe. It’s not just the Depression (as in no work now for nearly three years). It’s not my ruined shoulder, although I think I am maybe six months from surgery (I was injured in November) and the very hard road I know is ahead of me. Bone surgery is just hell. I dreamt that Michael Jackson was my anesthesiologist and that was oddly comforting.

It’s not even the arranging to reitre and sever myself from the only life I’ve ever know. Working at a high security prison will make a person so jumpy. And why not? All day, every day all anyone wants to do is murder me, rape and dismember me and escape….not especially in that order.

And it’s not my headaches, although they have picked up a little in ferocity. They used to be fish knives stuck in my eye and now it’s the pointy part of one of those big blacksmith anvils.

My husband had a stroke and has a tumor..oh, yes…it just gets cheerier.

A friend lost his children. His department has been cut and his job will vanish at the end of the school year. His wife, who now has the children has had them just long enough now to question the wisdom of fighting over custody.

Another friend has had…oh, the worst news possibly.

I got a call from a collection agency for stuff I’ve never seen to even want to buy. So tomorrow, I have to go down to the local collection agency, find out exactly how screwed up my identity is and the file charges. I know who did this. He’s ruined my credit. He’s ruined my husband’s credit. He’s ruined my daughter’s credit.

So I’m not feeling any fake Christian feelings towards his worthless self. Sadly, this is a family member and had total access to our entire business—which he decided to just, I don’t know. Take over the good part of my life and leave me the dreck.

So I have had happier days.


5 thoughts on “Life is just not all that you expect

    1. Paulie, you are so grounded. Your words of comfort are always welcome because you mean AND live them, Thank you so much.

  1. (((((((((((((((((((chloe)))))))))))))))))))))
    No words, just loads of comforting thoughts to surround you. I am picturing you bathed in warm light.

  2. Thank you so much, Novel and Paulie!
    I went to Panera’s (a coffee place like Peet’s) and ran into one of the nurses who tended to Darling at the hospital. She asked after him and gave me her card, just in case I needed more help. She had been the nurse who recommended the home health care.

    Now to help my friend while she and her husband with thier battle.

    Paulie, I hope you were able to get those wildflower links (you’d love them, too, Novel).

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