I love to get things organized

The hotel finally passed the city inspection and is in reality, ready to move in. Not.
There are so many details I want to take care of before we move. First is to get my garden here in and looking as if it takes ten minutes to take care of. It is still chill enough for me to put in two grape vines on wither end of the old laundry line. The vines will give me a leafy shady canopy to work under. I have three towers going in each box so the beans and tomatoes will have something to crawl up. I also have a huge area for pumpkins and melons. To keep the weeds down. I dump the lawn clippings in each box, water it and the plant in little hills. The grass smothers the grass and eventually will give me a weed free garden. It’s not a quick process (13 years so far) but I can see a slight progress.

I have some bird feeders and bird baths, as well as a big picnic table for me to work on.

In the hotel. I’m getting my sewing things ready to be put into place. I have magazine files with pullouts and several of those brown files, filled with this that and the other.And of course, I have dragged out all of sewing, embroidery and knitting books and put them away. I have a HUGE hand made spinning wheel that will be mounted on the wall, so that will be the first thing you see when you walk in.

The carpet isn’t in yet (we had a roof leak), so I’m hoping it will be installed in the next week or so. Then I can put in my mother’s sewing table, several 2-drawer files and then put a gathered skirt over the whole “L” shaped thing. The top will be covered with one piece of plywood, which will be covered by fabric(Thank you spray rubber cement!) and then cover that with heavy beveled glass.

I know a lot of seamstresses like to put on a self healing cutting board, but I really like to lay my fabric down on the carpet and cut there. I need my fabric to run as far and as flat as I can.
So I have room to pull out a small cutting mat for small projects. I have a trunk where I keep my yarn and another trunk where I keep my fabrics. I’m not a hoarder or a stasher because there is just too much really great new stuff coming out every single season.

I have what is called a scrim attached right onto the window. It is a loosely woven cheesecloth kind of fabric, dipped into liquid and squeegeed onto the window. Then there is a wooden shape, which is padded with quilt batting and the fabric is stapled nice and tight, Inside this little box is where the the shade hardware goes; in front of that is the hardware for the lace sheer and then in front of that is the hardwear for the drapes. Everything is hidden inside the box, so it all is tidy looking. Most likely, the scrim and the lace will be enough to cut the light down, because it’s a south facing window, but there is a way that things are supposed to look like. I want a little tv and radio/cd player so I can entertain myself with noise, if nothing else.

On one of the walls, Mike is putting up a series of shelves so I can display my million buttons. They are in different jars…some of them are in latte glasses and some of them are in caviar jars and every size in between. I want to be able to look at them but not have the sun bleach them all of recognition.

I’m thinking of some kind of pale batik pink with an edging of hot pink, yellow and pale pink piping for the “hem”. And then maybe a grass green ribbon about 1 1/2  inches away from the leading edge.

It’s not much of a real job, but it is the first one I want to do. Once we get over there with projects, we’ll both be happier. As soon as the stained glass studio is put in (notice it is second after my sewing room?), Mike can keep himself busy, busy, busy with those projects.

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