You know the part in the Wizard of OZ, when everything turns to color?

That’s my life right now.

After a week in the hospital and another week of tests, the doctors can’t find any abnormality in Darling’s head. That doesn;t mean that something didn’t happen, because I was there and I saw it. All it means is that it was so minor and treated so quickly that it can’t be categorized as a stroke or a seizure disorder.

I have the paperwork from every doctor we saw this week attesting to the fact that he is fine to drive.  That’s the first thing that happens.  The DMV is notified before anything is for sure and you need to come up with a medical certification to keep your license. Darling has multiple certifications, so he can take care of it at the AAA and not have to spend a day standing in line.

I had an former “friend” whose FIRST real communication was “How is he going to like losing his license?  THAT”LL put a a kink in his life!” I could hear the “tee hee” in the tone and thought to myself how exceedingly cruel that was.  But you know how you have people in your life who have a mean streak and you ignore it because it was rarely directed at you?  It hit me that life is so short I don’t need to be cruel.  So that was a good lesson there.

This month is the one where my kids drive to Riverside to visit their Dad. He died in April of 2006; they make the trip around this time every year. It’s one of the kindest things they do.

Susan and I are making plans to visit Teacher Linda this summer, so all is right with the world for me. I have no worries and no sorrows at the moment. I have great friends and a wonderful brother who is simply wonderful. He deserves total happiness. Darling’s health is improving  so there is very little that is making me unhappy.

Cleaning carpets are on the list and that’s not all that fun. I found the perfect bedspread for the upstairs—PERFECT. Beautiful. Except that it’s almost $2,000. That doesn’t count the pillow shams. My, I have exquisite taste.


3 thoughts on “You know the part in the Wizard of OZ, when everything turns to color?

  1. You mean you didn’t take a photo of the bedspread? I wanted to see this fabulous expensive “have to get”perfection. lol I am in the process of making myself a patriotic quilt for my bed. I have been colleting patriotic things to sue on my bedroom walls.

    1. This is the perfect time for patriotic stuff–Michael’s and Joanne’s are just packed with stuff. Hope you are able to find all your heart desires!

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