Just another day in paradise

I’m taking over some of my sewing stuff tomorrow to the hotel. It is starting to overflow my entire life, not to mention my back seat. I have magazine holders and a label maker (my new favorite thing) and hatboxes—I am just itching to start getting stuff out of storage and into the upstairs.

The trunk of my car is full of linens from the beach–the last thing I want to do at the beach is spend it in a laundry room. I got everything washed–even all the stuff from the boat.Hung it outside and it smells so fresh. Fresh from the air, not from detergent. I hang most of my stuff outside because I just like the way it smells (better).

I think maybe we’ll take the pressure washer down with us and spend some time in the sun, spiffing up the outside. I know that eventually we are going to sell it because we really don’t take it out and we have another place right on the water, so it is silly to keep it docked. But golly, I just love sitting out on the dock. It makes me feel rich.

My brother, Patito, has a sailboat and it makes him feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. He isn’t in the same marina, so we always have different “news”.

I feel sorry for people who park their boats in their front yards and just let them languish. A boat needs water and when it’s just parked, helter-skelter, in a bunch of weeds, it looks so forlorn and forgotten. If you have no use for it, sell it and let some young family enjoy the water.

In my opinion.

Another thing

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