Diggers in my yard

All three of my dogs dig. I could be a serial killer and stash the bodies in my yard because it is filled with holes big enough to bury ponies in.  (Oh, I know. big enough in which to bury ponies. )

So here is how it usually goes.

Tank will be trotting around the yard and suddenly stops! He hears a gopher, digging under the lawn. He does that gleeful little pounce, like the coyote hunting mice in Yellowstone. He does the same little cautious stalking with the gleeful dive with frantic digging.
(Tank is the Chihuahua-Rottweiler mix.)

He will dig for a while and then get distracted by the sound of the gopher’s crazed digging.

Jackie, our little Cocker mix then takes over the digging. He digdigdigs until all you can see is his little stumpy wagging tail. He gives up when he runs out of air. My lawn is filled with these holes. Stay on the sidewalk.

The Rocket, our 2.6 pound Maltese will sit in the hole with just her big black eyes and her perky little ears sticking up. She likes to watch the cars go by if she’s in the front yard. If she’s in the back yard, she likes to watch the grass grow.

Rocket spends HOURS outside and always smells like grass and sunshine. She’s the dog who had to have most of her teeth pulled so I feed her soft food by hand. I think she remembers how sore her teeth were, so she is very wary about whatever it is I am feeding her. Sometimes I have to feed some of it to the other dogs so she is sure it isn’t poison. My mother used to say that Rocket wouldn’t be that picky if she was really hungry, but Rocket is one of those anorexic dogs–she just won’t eat if it doesn’t smell right, look right, is too dry, too wet or for some other reason. She won’t even look at it.

It has been rainy and windy here this week and when they aren;t digging or sleeping, they are perched on the couch, looking out the windows. They will then leap off the couch and tear outside, barking like lunatics. I’m convinced they are saying, “The wind! It’s BLOWING!” Just like a bunch of kindergarteners.

Goodness, they are entertaining.


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