Baby birds everywhere

I have baby birds in the gutter at the corner of the house, I can fling the bedroom windows and watch the little cheep cheep cheep interaction all day long.

My barn owls (the ones I hand raised) are living up on top of the big tree in the back yard. I think they have more than one nest, which means I collected two females and two extra males in this particular flock. I think that experiment was the most fun I’ve ever had, although they aren’t domesticated. They truly are wild critters. But that little experiment (I got the chicks before they were feathered out. They were just chicks).
I know the discipline I learned with them had helped me be more disciplined with three dogs I have now.

By no means are Tank, Jackie and Rocket trick dogs. Just very well behaved. I talk to them all day long and they lounge as close as they can to me. Ben says they are devoted to me. Tank is. When I have a headache and am up all night, he follows me everywhere with the most worried little look on his face.

Tank is getting the most fun out of these baby birds in the gutter. He is just amazed that he can hear them and see the parent pair swoop in but he hasn’t gotten that the little high pitched cheeps when the babies think they have been abandoned and will starve. The more frantic the chicks are, the more frantic he gets. Tank is just entirely too serious for all of this spring is busting out all over stuff.

I know I have about a dozen birds in nests in the tree that is closest to my bedroom. I can hear them but the tree is so fully leafed out that I can’t spot the nests. We also have dozens of doves who will make their nests just about anywhere. This year, it looks like they are in the grapevines and the honeysuckles. I’m putting in yellow mermaid roses and they attract a LOT of birds. In the front, I have a gardenia hedge started that will grow up against the scooped iron fences at the front of the house. I just like the way they look when they are are trimmed up to match the scoop of the fencing. Again, because the gardenias make such a dense hedge, they will make a great place for the birds.


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