Needlework sometimes returns

Years ago, I made really beautiful monogrammed linens for my sister. I had more time than money and just lavished every bit of my talent on them. She is in the process of downsizing and came across these beautiful linens. Her last name doesn’t match and my daughter’s does, so she sent them to her.

I have made bales of sweaters and cross stitch and what all and they are eventually retuning to me–not because they weren’t loved but because I was.

What a compliment on a day when I really needed one!

One thought on “Needlework sometimes returns

  1. Yes, you are loved…by many…and for many good reasons, not that we needed any! I am so sorry to hear about Mike. I will be praying for you both! Keep me posted. Call if you want…I will send you a special email with my phone number. I still have your cell from when we got together…is that still a good number to call you on ?

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