Madelinetosh and great big A/C units on the roof.

I am going to yarn porn hell at madelinetosh. ( bought Tart and Lapis, enough for two drapey sweaters for myself. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous saturated colors. I have a lot of hospital time ahead of me, none of which lends itself to beading or cross-stitching. Different work for different spots for me to perch.

We have 3 4-ton AC/HV units on the hotel roof. Not being total morons, they were bolstered with heavy moving beams at 90 degree angles, so their weight would be spread out to the outside walls. It is incredible to me the way a building is constructed to hold up the immense weight of the roof. Even so, the plaster cracked. Not a lot. If it had been drywall, it would have just bounced a little but I had real plaster, which doesn’t have so much forgiveness.

So they cracked. Hairlines, but there they were.

SO the last couple of weeks, it’s been plaster washers, fiberglass table, skim coats and repainting. Everywhere. Which really was okay because the lobby wasn”t quite Spanish Moss green enough. Fixed that. I wanted my laundry room in raspberry with white cupboards. My dining room needed glazed stripes, the library needed yet another coat of crime scene red (the more coats of this we put on, the richer it looks) and my bedroom was repainted with the same color but with a clear glaze rag rolled over it. Just to pick up the light. It looks better than I imagined and I really have some serious imagination.

I’ve been buying storage boxes from Michaels, not the ones shown on the website, but you get the idea. Mine are pink,tuli, and wallpaper looking. They look lovely.  On the underside, I have a little tag with the contents printed on it, so I won’t need to stand on a ladder and open up every single box.

All of the holiday decorations are stored in the basement, which is a floor between my floor and the ceilings of the retail stores on the street level.

Some of the rooms are getting to the point to where it’s time for me to start searching and tagging things to go over and get put into place. Lisi’s bathroom is ready for the huge mustard gold and red  oriental rug to add a layer of lush to the tile in that bathroom. (I am not happy with that tile. I don;t know what the heck I was thinking. When I’m rich again? That stuff is coming up.)

The yard sale highboy still has to be stripped and gutted so I have a place for extra towels, soaps and what all since it going to be part of the guest suite.

This is the fun part for me and the most fun is the yard sailing, stripping, painting, sewing part. We have two old old old iron bedsteads we found under one of the old buildings in town when we fixed their foundations. They are stripped and will have the fanciest part in the middle and the less fancy headboard cut in half, welded and powder coated in a pretty cream color. This headboard will be mounted on a platform with drawers, so it will be pretty high, just like all of my beds. I know exactly the kind of bedspread I want for it; I just have to find it.

One of the few pieces I’m actually buying new is an unfinished wood armoire at Naked Woods and having it painted that gorgeous heavy race-car cream with spring flowers. The gal who does my decorative painting told me that as long as there wasn’t any ivy, she was fine with what I could come up with. She’s doing the decorative painting inside my kitchen cupboards, as well. The little birds and flowers on the inside of the cupboards are not the most necessary things in the world, but they’ll look nice and I so hate cooking and anything to do with the kitchen, I think I can at the very least make it look nice. (I hate cooking.)

So I’m off to look at all the panels of lace to see if I have enough of the same-ish for any one room. I am hoping so, but this is the biggest house I’ve every lived in and there are LOTS of windows and they are all huge. I may have to figure something else out.

But I really do like lace at windows.


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