My beading project

I really do have photos, but this will have to do for now. Instead of sequins, I’ve loaded it with beads. LOTS of beads. There are two bead shops here, in Morro Bay (nicest gals you would ever happen to run into) and another one in Cambria. They have even better idea than I do! So this is heavily beaded and looks just beautiful. The dogs have one, apiece. I even have “extras” for boyfriends, who may or may not come in and out of life, but I don’t want them to feel left out. They’re just Christmas stockings and it’s not like JimBob is taking it HOME. Names will be embroidered on a gift tag shaped piece of felt and when JimBob is out of the picture, so will his nametag be.

I have a really lovely carved handrail that is probably 20 feet long to keep people from falling into the stairwell. The rail will be wrapped with greenery and itty bitty lights and icicles and these stockings. It will look fabulous. This is right in the lobby and there is a tree there (icicles, white lights, white, gold and silver balls….very fancy). There’s another tree in the library where every single other thing is on the tree and jammed under it. (Totally eye popping.)

So right now, I’m working on the snowflakes and the bead ladies were just great! Not only with the oohing and ahhing (although it is certainly worth a lot of that), but they helped looking for blingberry snowflake beads as well. This is how I eventually make friends in a new town. I find a store that sell what I like and the next thing I know, I’m working part time.

It is poring rain here now…first it’s the June Gloom and the harbor is impossible to get out of (the waves are too high and the surf is too rough). But it’s a clear rain and I was going to water ANYWAY.


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