Furniture! I have furniture! And A DECORATOR!! ( a lot of not espeically interesting details)

Besides the furniture I have in this house (entirely too much) and in the attic and in the summer cottage, I also have two barns filled to the rafters with antiques we’ve been collecting. These aren’t the kinds of furniture I wanted my kids/dogs/cats to be hanging upside down on….this furniture is the kind that is for grownups, who aren’t planning to leap from piece to piece.

I have a fawn, down stuffed brocade couch that is going up in the lobby, along with it’s matching chair, both heavily and beautifully carved. I think I’m going to have it recovered. (Dogs not allowed.Snap trap mouse traps will help the dogs remember to stay off.) I’m looking for a round marble table for flowers, and the Eastlake organ will be in the lobby as well. There is a little alcove, where I’ll put my mother’s fancy green chair…and it will probably need to be reupholstered. It’s only 50 years old.

I have a HUGE intricately carved headboard, nightstands from 1840 (they are heavily hand carved and very fancy. And BIG.)
I have also an over-sized mahogany and marble dresser—and I am at a loss to figure out why all this furniture was so damned huge and heavy. We have to have them all hoisted into the back door and then rolled into the rooms.

My sewing room is about the only normal sized room in the hotel. I know what I want put in there but of course, it just takes forever to get anything hoisted up and put together. My mother’s desk needs to be refinished. I have two 2-drawer files to go in there, too. I have a hand made spinning wheel that is going to hang on the wall, like art.when we get to that point. My sewing room and closet are right off the master huge bedroom. (The decorator will help me chose the fabrics for the sewing room. I want it to go with the bedroom, but doesn’t match it. I’ want a curved bookshelf.on one of the walls and thing think there will also be room for a flatscreen/and bookshelf, although I have never had a televison in my bedroom. Ever.

I have several dozen silk oriental rugs we bought at auctions, so they have to be dragged up stairs and placed, then dragged down to the rug cleaners (They will drag them back upstairs when they are done.) Two of them go into the bathrooms.

The front bedroom has a bed that is being powder coated,..that very heavy cream color. I made it out of two twin iron beds we found. They are the fancy old fashioned bedsteads. I kept the fanciest headboard and then split the less fancy headboard to make the twin beds into a pretty queen sized headboard.We didn’t use the foot boards, because they were pretty plain. (Saved them, because you never know what some one is going to buy at auction). The only piece of new furniture in that room will be an armoire that will be painted the same heavy cream, decorative painted with flowers(no ivy) and birds. I have a pretty feminine writing desk and one of my old I-really-hate them dining room chairs. Once thy are painted and the chair is reupholstered, it will look lovely.

The sheers will be part of the dozens of lace panels and the drapes will run under where the transoms will go. Mike is doing the stained glass for all of the fake transoms, but with the sun streaming thru the colored glass, it will look just luscious. The decorator will help me with the drapes, spreads and the upholstery for that one chair.

(I am trimming out all of the bed linens with antique handmade lace I have been collecting since I was about 12.) Handmade lace and embroidery has been really cheap for the last 40 years and is still undervalued. I spend hours doing the most teeny little repairs and then hand wash them with the purple shampoo I used on my white hair. If that doesn’t whiten it up I’ll wash them in a week solution of lemon juice and let them dry on my honey suckle bushes, which run 100 yards down the side fence.All I have to do is spray the foliage with plain soap in a Miracle Gro attachment on a hose, so the leaves are spotless.

My biggest challenge is the library, which is the nicest room in the house, This  decorator is from SLO. I need a couch or a sectional and two chairs, one has to be be a recliner for Darling and it has it be STURDY. And I want waterfall draperies on metal rods, dropped down just enough so Darling can put up some transom stained glass windows, so even on dreary days, we’ll get lots of stained glass light, pouring in color. It is amazing how stained class transforms dreary light into something gorgeous.

We have a huge dining room table, but it need new chairs.
The kitchen needs something on the eight foot window that does have a great view of the sky…and the roof next door and the brick wall of the old hotel. I want to be able to see the sky.

I have story board for each room with my ideas. All I need is a professional, to give me a little more help than WalmonstoreTarget.

I am so LOOKING FORWARD to this! And it makes me so happy, knowing I have some help and skill and someone who speaks my language.

After working on the hotel for just 13 years, I don’t want to cheap out right now.

So far, I have a file filled with every room/curtain/color that has ever caught my eye. I have a foam core (about 15×15) with samples of my paints and photos of all the furniture with the sizes of each piece and a graph paper rendition of every inch of each space.

I just hope it looks as nice in real life as is does in my head.

Seeing it written down it looks like a lot of expensive work. But oh, it is going to be a knock out. (The dogs will have their own beds…and NO SITTING ON MY FURNITURE)

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