This is my favorite time of year

It’s not hot enough I can’t throw the widows open and sleep with them open all night. I live in the country and there is a certain charm to have a lie back and listen to the birds twittering their morning songs. I live in a Painted Lady and the way the sun creeps in and changes the colors is beyond beautiful. I can see just a little of the sky, deciding what it is going to do today. The squeak of the windmill and the sound of the train makes me feel like a child again. The skies are studded with the cold twinkle of the stars.

I think it is August when the stars fall. The driveway is hot enough to trundle down the stairs and lay out blankets down for some serious star falling. I love the way that makes up feel…a crazy celebration we do as a family. We stay up well past midnight, quietly talking until one by one, we fall asleep. We curl up into our nests of blankets and quilts and sleep on the sun warmed drive way.

It is so dark out here it is like being a black sack and every noise is more measured.You can hear the dogs and cats settle in to where they think it will be the perfect spot.


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