FREE: Small Male Pit Mix, 5 months old, loving, children friendly

The first thing I thought?
Only people on parole have pitbulls. That’s why parole agents carry. That’s why they are allowed to shoot dogs.

When I lived in LA, I lived next door to a family with a pit bull. I had little children and a little fat white dog. That pit would get up ON THE ROOF and go crazy on us. Frothing at the mouth crazy. It had a chain-link kennel wedged between the house and the concrete block fence and that pit would leap up on the chain link, run back and forth on the kennel and bark and then get up on the roof and bark like it was getting ready for a dog fight.

In my neighborhood, the police were no strangers. I’d call them for a pipe fight and by the way, there’s a pit on the roof. Once, Nusan and I drove home with my kids (we had probably been at the beach) and there was this huge fight going on in the street at the house next door. SHE CALLED THE POLICE. There were squad cars and CHP and a helicopter and that dog going crazy. That was one wild night.

I did call the dog in once. I think he had been running back and forth on the roof when I was hanging out the laundry and I was feeling a little hunted. The cops came out immediately, talked to the owners and then told me that unless the dog actually JUMPED me, there was nothing I could do.

I didn’t have enough sense to realize that the dog would probably kill me and really? at the time? It would have been okay with me. I had a little too much on my plate to handle.

So when I read an ad like this, I just shake my head. ALL puppies are loving. Shoot, my Jackie would trot up to an axe murderer and roll over. Tank would trot out with a ball in his mouth. Rocket would sit in a hole and bark. And no doubt, this little pit would, too.

But little pits don’t stay little.
And they are ugly , to boot.


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