Shopping at the barn

We are yard sailors. People sell a lot of really good stuff at yard sales. We also sometimes clean out Grandma’s house, or great-grandma’s house and no one wants to get stuck with the junk. If it spectacular, we call the newspaper but usually, I have the guys take it off the dump trailer and put it in one of our barns.

We have three, plus the summer cottage and the attic, They are STUFFED, but in an orderly fashion. We went shopping the other day–new nightstands for the hotel’s master suite (that would be my bedroom). I really was thinking of a stack of plastic boxes from Target, with a big wooden round, skirt and glass top.

To my chagrin, no plastic boxes.
I did find some dark oak 3-drawer side tables, with carved fronts. They are huge and too tall for a normal bed, but ours is on a platform and is high already. Bigger than a regular nightstand, they will need, of course, bigger lamps.I have candlestick lamps here, but they will look absolutely spindly in the hotel. So something with more heft.

They need to be cleaned and oil soaped and oiled and rubbed with paste wax, but I think they will clean up just fine.


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