I have an MA in Math. From UCLA

And I am speechless.

I was not good at math in high school. I wasn’t all that great in college. And my stats class? It was more of a guess class. If I had four answers, I work it four times. Whichever answer I didn’t come up with was right.
I was taking a perspective Art class and it seemed as if every single class was about math. I’m not a natural artist and so I would puzzle the class out, trying to wrap my brain around what was said before I had to go to the lab and put it into practice. So I was walking from Upper Campus to Lower campus and was walking past one of the old, old, old buildings. It had deeply recessed windows and this was late afternoon and I could see THE. ANGLES. CHANGE.

Why had no one ever shown me this? I know why….if you get math, you don’t need to see this. Only people who get math teach math.

If you get art, you don’t need this show and tell either, because you look at the world through different eyes.I had Art majors for room mates.                                   I had a boyfriend who made his living with his art.                                                                                                                                                                            My son is a natural and accomplished artist.                                                               I know they just don’t see what I see.                                                                                                                                                                                                       And I sure don’t see what they see!


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