ER Sunday

My head and my stomach have gotten to the point where I am just weeping. I’m throwing up blood (always attractive) and I can’t keep even ice chips down. It is just killing me to have to listen to myself retch. So at 11 am, we make the five minute run to the ER–which is SO crowded–I am thinking I’d just as soon go home and be sick there.
I was admitted and hooked up in less than five minutes. Nice fast drip, drugs for my stomach and then my usual stuff for my head. Home by two pm.
So lucky that I’m a frequent flyer and the nurses and doctors know me. We talked about my upcoming tests and I could see in their faces what they knew will be coming.
And I’m fine with that. It might have been caught so early, it will be nothing.Maybe I don’t have enough sense to be afraid (only because I’ve been puking since May).
Amazing how some medication and fluids can make you feel so much better!
As soon as it got dark, we sat out in the pool and watched the bats and the owls in the back yard. This is one of the things I’ll miss when we move into the hotel. But I bet there will be something else equally amazing to replace it. Last night, I saw a raccoon in the back yard, trundling across the crest of the hill. We have a red fox, too, that I hear barking hoarsely right before sunrise. I hope the new owners appreciate this slice of nature as much as I do.


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