Plans for Monday

Clinic for an IV and some stomach meds…I still feel pretty good today, so maybe on Wednesday. An IV really makes me perk up fir three or four days

*Put purple stuff on my hair so it will whiten up; I have that nursing home yellow cast in my hair and my skin today!
*Look for two rhinestone buttons for Lisi’s Christmas stocking.
*Finish beading the gifts in her arms and pocket and put away in box. (When all of them are finished, I’ll trim them out with soutache, back them and add ribbons to hang them on the staircase.
*Start Ben’s Santa Baker stocking. Not so much beading, but a lot of embroidery
Start MY Christmas list. There are just a few things I want, but I REALLY want them
Make my bed. Tidy my night stand. Dust my dresser. (Lisi cleaned my room)
*Put away laundry.
*Put all wandering paperbacks in a bag and drop off at the Hospital Gift shop. There is NOTHING to read when you are in the hospital. At all.

Then go thru the list and line out what I actually got done! (The clue is to keep the jobs short and simple!)

Keep in mind how much joy my friends bring to me


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