There is nothing I can’t manage if I feel good!

We’re moving to a place that is twice the size of this house, but I still worry there won’t be enough room for my stuff. So today, I’ve been packing books–every box and every paper bag is being filled with books –like enough for me to Sherpa them up the stairs every thirty minutes for the next century.

You might say I have too many books, but you would be wrong. All I’ve ever wanted (besides kids) was a house with a library. I’ve got it. Floor to ceiling bookcases, soaring windows, wooden floors. The walls are painted crime scene red (ten coats that look like velvet). I’ve found my love seats (one on either side of the fireplace)–sort of a chenille wheat/browns/crimson with two leather chairs facing the fireplace. I have a wing chair in one corner and a pair of chairs and game table in the other corner.

The player piano is in there, too. All that is really left is to finish the tiles for the fireplace (Ben’s design and my painting) and get them installed, refinish the floors and figure out what to hang on the windows. Why are the fabrics always so impossible to choose? Because of the variety of choices? Because of the unlimited ways I can screw up? Because of the unlimited ways I can hate them AND be stuck with them for time and all eternity? I just want it to look nice.

Then I need to pick out the rugs from the warehouse, get them cleaned. Of course, I am too sick to GO to the warehouse, so Mike will end up going through what we have and pick something. Actually, he frets less about it, so it is better that he go anyway. My red rug goes into Lisi’s bathroom. I think I have an amber silk to go in the library and a green Oriental for the lobby. I probably have 20 rugs to choose from but those are three I realy remember.

I did my pre-op stuff on Tuesday (I’m a little dehydrated), Cancer Center on Thursday and my shoulder surgery on Friday. Migraine on Monday and I’m just hoping to avoid an IV session this week. Too much poking. My shoulder surgeon told me that if I was doing less than 100%, he was keeping me in the hospital.

Next week, after the floors are done, I’m moving all the kitchen stuff into the hotel. How many pots and pans do I NEED here in this house? Mike and I designed the hotel kitchen and I have a lot of shelf space so that all of my things aren’t just jammed into shelves. There is space for my 9 x13 casseroles, my square and round cake pans, slots for cookie sheets and cooling racks, room for tureens and serving platters, space for my saucier pan AND the myriad of lids. I made about a thousand yards of thread lace so I can trim the outside face of all the shelves because IT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY.

I’d like to get the dining room set up, too. Our huge cherry entertainment center is going to be re-purposed to hold my china and linens. (One less thing to have in here). A lot of my seasonal china and my mother’s Limoges will be stored in there, along with my vintage table linens and crystal.

I love messing about with a pretty table, even if it just Mike and me. Where the television set is now, Mike is putting shelves in; one will be the entire bottom (there is a flip out shelf so I can get my placemats), with another shelf 2/3 the width and then on 1/3 the width. This is where I’ll put my seasonal decorative stuff–I’m not one to merrily spread Easter stuff all over the house. One spot is good enough for me. I have a collection of fruit and vegetable serving pieces that will look nice displayed there and then I also have a bunch of glass candy jars of varying shapes and sizes so I can put in candies (not candies I like, so they will be stale and useless to me, personally, but they’ll look festive.

The dining room table can go also. (One less place to pile stuff up). Once you get all that stuff out of a room, it is easier to clean. (Now that sounds only crazy if you don;t have one foot in one house and one foot in another). Today, I’m going out into the patio and gathering up the stuff from outside that I want to go upstairs–copper wash tubs, two vintage stoves to act as buffet tables on the veranda, my porch swing,some truly weathered and beat up wooden pieces to hold my potted plants (they are just one step from just being junk)–mainly decorative things. I love sitting out on the veranda and watching the cars fo by–you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

I need to measure the window in my sewing room–two lace panels and a pretty floral Austrian poofy shade; easy enough to whip up. My treadle machine will fit right under the bookcase on the wall, so the big desk can be used for other craft projects. I’ll use co-coordinating fabric to shirr the openings in the bookcase hanging from the wall–just for extra color and to keep the stuff in there a little dust free. I bought set of pretty paper colored boxes that will stack under the giant desk to keep my yarn stash dust free and also protect the colors form fading.

Then all I need is a good chair and a fitting mannequin. I finally have come to terms with the idea that the dress form needs to look like my body, which has been an ego battle, let me tell you!

So since I feel pretty good today (it’s early yet), I’m going to get myself in gear and do as much as I can.


3 thoughts on “There is nothing I can’t manage if I feel good!

  1. I’m praying for you that all goes well on Thursday and Friday…….all the rest can wait but am so glad you are feeling peachy keno today!
    Sending hugs, love and prayers on this next journey of yours.

  2. Praying for you this week especially! Good luck with the move. If I were closer, I would be happy to help put those books in the library. I am soooooooo envious!

  3. thinking all my good thoughts toward a successful shoulder surgery and a good recuperation for this step of your process. when you decide to get your tattoo i would like to be there for you 🙂

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