Starfall Family Every Year Festival

Every year, during mid-Auguat, we drag the blankets out into the backyard tow atch for falling stars. Perseids is the night of August 12 this year and we were out, over by the koi pond, watching the skies. It was a fantastic show—the sky was clear and filled with stars. We dozens of falling and shooting starts and the tails of three comets (they look loke cars on fire and move fast and furiously!)
We laid out last night also, over by the pool (totally different part of the sky, if you can believe it). Stars being shaken out of a shaker,just powdering the indigo sky, I had plenty of time to name the colors in the dark. The trees aren’t just black-they are a particular shade of evergreen black with all of the details inked away. The fallen fruit has had all colored leached out and are just a series of grays upon grays.

And the starfall!! Wow! So many burning comet trains!
This is one of those no cost to you, free from the universe shows… good as the 4th of July but quieter. All you need is your family, some quilts and the dark. When the kids were little, we’d drive out to the farm, loaded up in my pickup and settle in for some starfall.

Sometimes the best things about being in a family aren’t things at all.


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