Lace panels have been washed and I have more books that even I thought possible

I washed all of the lace panels and hung them in the sunshine. Tomorrow, I’m taking them to Deluxe Cleaners to be starched and pressed. Starching keeps the dust from settling in the lacy parts. Sunshine give them that beautiful sparkling white. I have–no lie–88 paper grocery bags filled with my books. Not all of them, just the ones I can reach. Prior to packing, I vacuumed them and then when they go on the new shelves, they’ll be orange oiled. I have two rolling ladders at the hotel, so I am hoping I’ll have a better chance of keeping them clean. (I did get sidetracked yesterday over a book I last read in November 2000.)

I’m still finishing shelves—they already have a coat of paint on them and are thoroughly dry and I’m stapling fabric to fit and then put a couple of coats of starch to keep the dust from settling into the warp and weft. I knitted about a million miles of lack (maybe not really a million miles, but pretty close to 500).

The shelf over the washer and dryer will hold all the laundry stuff in pretty baskets. I’m pretty sure there is room for a possom belly table where I’ll have a wicker laundry basket on table to actually TAKE the laundry to the bedroom and PUT IT AWAY. I realize that this is not some new concept but it has been for me for a while.

If the possom belly table doesn’t fit, I have a laundry tub circa 1890 that I’ll have powdered coated…I know for a fact it fits. I have a runner I used to use up in the hallway because I’m pretty sure sure it will have the most foot traffic. I’m hanging a Liberty of London drape to hide the washing area and inside that, another dowel so I can drip dry my clothes. I still have a metal rack for towels, jeans, comforters—everything that takes hours to dry. When the sunshine is free, it’s silly to let it just go to waste.

Linens, linens, linens
Each bed is on a platform with roomy drawers. The extra linens, bedding and fresh PJ’s will go there. There is just nothing like climbing into a clean bed. I have all that vintage lace, so in the evenings, I’m hand sewing trim onto all the pillowslips and towels. I’m keeping my tablecloths in the linen closet. Deluxe Cleaners is just downstairs, so I can run the linens downstairs and have them pressed and starched (doesn’t that sound so la-di-dah?) I’m using my old kitchen curtains for a double dust ruffle in the guest room.

So I’m keeping marginally busy while my shoulder heals and I practice retirement. I think I’ll be really good at it in a couple of years =)


One thought on “Lace panels have been washed and I have more books that even I thought possible

  1. The hardest part about retirement is deciding IF you want to do something for yourself or for others (volunteer) or do nothing at all.

    I used to think you would get the hotel finished in my lifetime but don’t believe that anymore. Have fun, enjoy retirement.

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