Stocking my sewing room

I really am in love with my sewing room. I’ve probably, like all seamstresses, sewed in every room and on every flat surface in the house. This room is just the right size to keep my things sorted, out of the sun and at my fingertips.

Michael’s has beautifully papered storage boxes–striped, flowered and in different sizes. I have a bunch in my closet with my Christmas things in them (I labeled them on the bottom corner) and I have some in my sewing room. I have a Christmas Closet, too–about as big as a normal sized bathroom behind the fireplace. I keep my janitorial container on wheels in there and my Hoover, as well as the big containers of Christmas things. They need to be sorted and labeled).

When I get tired, I work on sorting my buttons. It is amazing how many sort o resemble one another but when you have enough glass containers, you can sort them properly and see the variety. I have TWENTY containers of white buttons and the range in shade form white and mother of pearl to the color of bone.

I hoping to go to Britex sometime between now and Christmas on a button run and the order my dress form. I can;t tell you how excited I am to get this dress form! It will make fitting so much simpler and I can tailor right on the form. When I was in high school, I made a white tailored wool coat and got an A. Where we thought I was going to wear it, I have no idea…but it sure was pretty.

I have my patterns for the people I knit for and then all kinds of interfacing. The walls are “decorated” with sewing tips–how to make a Dover button, for example. I have my collection of pincushions

One thought on “Stocking my sewing room

  1. Makes me wonder what a Dover button is. . . I have hundreds of buttons in my large apple class jars with lids. Had a parent who worked at a button factory and they closed and she brought them to us in the classroom. Each child made a Mancala game and we had enough sets to send to our 5th grade penpals in CA for them to make Mancala games too. I have the remaining buttons left. Once, I made a yoyo shaped heart — many yoyos in a heart shape on a sweat shirt with a button in the center of each. I still have it but one button is missing. I should repair that one and wear it again.

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