I am DONE with cancer

I’m not talking about it ANYMORE. Unless it is something remarkable–like I’m glowing in the dark, I’m not mentioning it again. (My Cancer Center moved and it took us 45 minutes to find it. It was big as life and we could not see it. THAT is how narrow my world has become.) Make not mistake, the people there are wonderful, kind, gentle, supportive…but I’m sick of being sick like this. The only upside of this whole thing is that I’m losing weight and if I’m a size 0 at my reunion, that is fine with me. (Please leave me a few vanities so what looks I have are still in place.)

I am busy working on my Christmas stockings–goodness! there is a lot of handwork on them! I have two sweaters and an afghan to work on, plus moving out of this house and into the hotel. I had to move my retirement up to mid-October (it was a money driven decision). I think this is a bigger deal than any other in my life. Not only have I been teaching since 1971 (I didn’t even have a car. I either walked or borrowed a bike. What an odd little duck I must have been!), it has been my entire life, my hobby, my entertainment, my social life and except for my children (whom I dragged to work with me), it totally consumed me. Once I went to the prison (and that was a fertile filed for stories, let me tell you!), it also took up a huge chuck of my life.

SO tomorrow, I’m going to the hotel and start working in my library. Everything has to be dusted and orange oiled and put away in the right order. I have an old encyclopedias and they are going on the bottom shelf because in the middle of the night, it is as good as good as following links on the computer. I have to get some butcher paper, make templates of my furniture and see how it looks like it will work. I want to get two leather recliners, recover two old fashioned (1920’s) square chairs of my grandmother’s) and a couch…unless that arrangement is too awkward/massive. If that doesn’t work, it’s two loveseats and two leather chairs. I’m putting lace “sheers” on all the windows and then drapes over them. Eventually, the transom windows will be stained glass but since that is a hobby of Darling’s, it isn’t on a timeline. (Plus, even when you do it yourself, stained glass is EXPENSIVE). and he does the original leaded glass, not the foil wrapped kind (tiny detail, but an expensive one.)

So again, I am done with cancer. Unless you can see me from NYC, I’ll mention it. If they do some really whack thing, I’ll mention it. But other than that, there will be no updates because I’m going to live through and with this.

I needed to lose some weight anyway….and I was thinking of cutting my hair really short, too!


3 thoughts on “I am DONE with cancer

  1. You go girl!!!!!!!!!! Proud of you………stinkin’ thinkin’ doesn’t help either so go for the gusto and for life!
    A size zero????????? OMGGGGGGGG Please try to eat and stay healthy and that’s the last I’ll say of that.
    Now you go an have fun! Be the BEST that you can be.
    Love you,

  2. From your facebook buddy ( we poke a lot ) : I love your attitude and your love of books. I have GOBS of books but not a huge library. So, my books are in the den, bedroom, bathroom, and an outside building. Since joining paperbackswap.com I have accumulated so many more books.

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