I have this huge staph infection

Compromised immune system, I guess. It started out with tiny little blisters and now is about 8 1/2 x 11…not solid, just a bunch of ooky blisters. I’ve taken all kinds of antibiotics to no avail so on Monday, I’m going in to have it all excised out. It’s spreading and won’t heal or dry up, so I’m a mess.

When my primary told me today that she was sending me to a surgeon, I figured it would take six or eight weeks. I got the call this afternoon for MONDAY…which tells me it is sort of a big deal. The terrifying thing about this is just last night, I was watching some Law and Order show and they were doing the very same thing to some gal in a hospital. The screaming was unnerving, to say the least. So I’m not altogether clicking my heels over this.

I can feel that these blisters are about 3/8 inch deep and are spreading. I know I can’t go back to work (not that I am) or anywhere else because I have these yaws looking sores…just an invitation to MRSD, which is your basic fatal infection that runs rampant in the prisons. I’m sure you’ve heard of suicide by cop. If I went back with these giant blisters, I would just be asking for death by cooties.


4 thoughts on “I have this huge staph infection

  1. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! My Dad had MRSA and got it from either the hospital or convalescent home. It is a b*tch to get rid of . Be a good girl and do what they say. Take all those yucky meds cuz a combination of them is what helped my dad’s heal up. Dad has been MRSA free for 2 years now. Staying out of hospitals “is a good thing!”
    Love you dearly and take care!

    1. Chloe, could it be shingles? My DH has 1/2 his forehead and into his hair red, swollen, and blistered as of Monday am. He was diagnosed with shingles yesterday afternoon and is on several meds. Went to the opthomologist at his primary’s suggestion yesterday to see if there is some involvement with his eye (there wasn’t, then), which still looked normal until this am when it was swollen shut and huge puffiness underneath.

      I’m getting my shingles shot tomorrow.

      Get better!

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