Spent the morning measuring windows. They all look exactly the same but vary from 30 inches to 35 inches in width. Eight feet high, so drapes to the floor will take about three yards of fabric per panel. The windows themselves are recessed to allow for pull down shades, lace panels and the drapes, without hiding all of the woodwork, which is really lovely. I want as much light in the house as possible. We are high enough up that we mainly see the middle of the trees on the sidewalk, so it is like being in the country or living in a park.

We’ve been working on this project for almost 15 years and in that time, it is funny how a space will just turn into the space for something else we own. There is a wall space in the library between two sets of windows that is just perfect for the grandfather’s clock. A wall in the lobby is the right size for the wall-hung jewelry display case Darling has his camera collection showcased.

So if we stay home this weekend (depends on my head), we’re going to drag out the big rugs and hose them down on the patio. It is warm enough and breezy enough to get them clean and dry AND put upstairs. I’ll have a better idea of where the furniture will fit. I want to keep the Eastlake organ and maybe the player piano, but the other two pianos are going to have to go. (We have a lot of stuff.)

I have sixty-four grocery bags filled with books, plus the books on the shelves…all I managed to do was dust today. Tomorrow, I’m going to put all of my National Geographics (I have the entire set, from the very first one to the current one. I have the room. I have the binders, too. Lucky score at an auction. I didn’t get the big cigar-store Indian because I froze, but I got the magazines. Score!) I have an old set of encyclopedias for the bottom shelves, because sometimes you need something to read in the middle of the night. They’ll make a nice backdrop for family photos, too. Darling is a very linear kind of guy. If he is going to go over and work on the moving, he wants to just work on the books and then when that’s done, do something else. I want to work a little on the books and then work a little in the kitchen and then work a little in the pantry and then finish up by hanging up some clothes. I’ve moved before. I know how much work there is to be done. I just don’t want to be stuck in one spot all day.

So tonight I need to get more wooden hangers, soft shelf liners for the kitchen and the pantry. For fun, I might get some new towels. Never let it be said I don;t know how to have a good time.

The shelves aren’t in the linen closet yet. I have the rose sprigged fabric and the lace for them. I am spoiled, I have to say. My husband is a carpenter and every inch of this house is exactly the way I want it. I’m also very patient (I’m just a dairyman’s daughter) so I can wait forever to get exactly what I want. When I used to go to San Francisco all the time, I loved the linens at the hotel, so I got three dozen pillowcases. I’ve put vintage lace on them and cannot wait to see them all fresh and stacked on my rose-sprigged shelves. I love the feel of fresh pillowcases.


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. LOL Chloe! And I worry about getting my 5th wheeler ready for travel and camping. It takes all out of me since we gutted it and started “fresh.” I don’t do “change” well at all and love status quo for most things and my life! I envy your talents and spunk though! You rock!

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