A little responsibility here

I’m going to try Imitrex again,
The pros? It is cheap, it works (usually) and I can give myself my own injections. It’s not a narcotic, so it will give my cancer filled innards a rest. Migraine drugs are hard on your body. My shots, out of pocket are $50 a pop. I usually get a set of three a week. No wonder I don’t get my nails done.

The Cons? It makes me me feel like my hair is on fire, like with a blowtorch. I have to set up my hype kit myself and give my own self a shot. I’ve been practicing, watching all of my injections and blood draws. You can get over all kinds of queasiness just by sucking it up.It’s cheap-cheap-cheap, like 50 cents per headhache. I just hope I can get over the blowtorch hair stuff.

There is another new mediation that really works. Only for me, I can;t breathe for about 50 seconds. My throat just shuts right up. If I could really believe that it would only last 60 seconds, I think I could go with it. But it is pretty terrifying.

I need to go back to San Francisco for another round of DHE, but my doctor wants me to get over the cancer stuff first. So between my head, my staph and my cancer, I have good days and bad days. I had a really great day on Thursday…I felt like me for a chance, so I’m still in there. But the clusters/cancer/staph really takes a toll.

Went out today to show a rental (it is so nice, I’d live there!). But it is not the kind of place for six children or five dogs. Then we went over to the shop yard where to my surprise, there were two guys on parole nosing around. So I asked them so pretty pointed questions and funny thing, they realized they were at the totally wrong address.

Then we went over to bid a job and I got to hold a baby. Seven months and 18 pounds. Man, she was HEAVY!

Then I made some Hawaiian bread. Totally yum. And I’m working on my Christmas stockings. Tomorrow, we are taking a big load of stuff over to the hotel to put away.

Paulie, we have a roofing truck that we load with the heavy stuff. It lifts up to the doors and we can unload furniture right into the rooms. The little, breakable stuff I like to trot up the stairs myself. I take the dogs over with me so they can get used to loft living. I think we will be totally mostly in by Christmas.


2 thoughts on “A little responsibility here

  1. Oh I wish you all the best when it comes to those shots and the feeling you get. I can’t imagine, but when I hear you talk about the migraines I just keep praying that comfort will come SOMEDAY to you.

    I was thinking yesterday morning about when my last pain free day was AND I have to say it has been 2 decades plus for me. Not excruciating like migraines, etc. but it never really goes away. Just gnaws at me daily.

    It’s ironic, some pain can not be erased due to exercise. Some pain is what it is and dealing with sometimes seems like it’s a lifelong chore.

    Do you ever wonder what it would be like to wake up painfree just ONE day? I sure do.
    Luv ya…..

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