He’s doing better and I’m having some surgery of my own

Ventilator is out and he can talk and respond to me, Lisi and Ben. The very minute the tube came out, I called his parents so they could talk to him. More surgery planned for next week for both of us. I’m having the gigantic staph infection excised. The other day, I had on a white t-shirt and it looked as though I had been stabbed. So I got out the halloween box, found the knife that you usually stick on your head and stuck it on me. I thought briefly of calling the Mormon missionaries over but I didn’t I sure wished someone would have shown up though!

When I go to the ICU, I have a surgical thingy I have to put over it–basically a big chunk of clear contact paper. Some kind of stuff the stick over picc or other open lines, to contain infection. I get my PET scan next week so that they can figure out where all I have the cancer. I am still in the early stages (and I feel like the bottom of a dumpster, so imagine what people with higher numbers feel like). Or not, since where I am is as hideous as I ever want to feel. Still battling the headaches and dehydration.

I have been doing some serious planning for every eventuality—what to do if Darling dies, what to do if he is an invalid and what to do if he just doesn’t come back as himself. I can run the business by myself but gosh, I am glad my last working day is fast approaching.


4 thoughts on “He’s doing better and I’m having some surgery of my own

  1. I am glad to hear that he is doing a bit better. You both take care. My friend, Myrl, is dying. She is at a hospice house now. . . I went to see her today and will go in the morning again. She had a new stroke and re-broke her leg again. I want to see her again but I hope she goes to heaven soon. She is in such pain and can’t swallow the meds to ease it . . .

  2. I keep praying daily for positive things to happen. When you post I read first for content and then to count the GOOD parts of your posts. Being off the ventilator is fantastic but hearing what you are going through and going to go through not so good.
    love you dearly.~C~

  3. I got a new computer and didn’t have your site bookmarked, I’m glad that Darling is doing better. I hope that the doc can get your infection cleared up.l Take care!

  4. that is good news! i hope he will continue on the mend as things progress. good luck with your staph surgery and please post as soon as you can and let us know how you’re doing.

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