Squatters THINK they know more about the law than anyone

Rented a tiny little place at the shop yard to a gal I’ll call Pegleg. Darling gal. Works at the thrift shop in front of the shop yard.
She could not, however, get the electric in her name.
So she asked a friend to move in, get the electric in her name and all would be good.
Well, maybe in a perfect world.

Miss Electric threw Pegleg out. When the screaming and fighting and plate throwing reached epic proportions, I called the SD.
I could not evict her because the electricity was in her name. It mattered not that she was not paying rent. That was in September. (I think maybe the SD thought it was some kind of room mate problem…it wasn’t. It was a squatter’s problem).

Her electrical box has been red tagged for non payment. She has been running an electrical cord to my shop, stealing my power. I fixed that by welding the box shut and flipping the switches off. On Friday, her car was parked in front of my construction gate/fire line. She was none too happy when I knocked on her door at 0700 to inform her that the truck was going to be towed in ten minutes. This house, where she is squatting, doesn’t HAVE a parking spot in front of the gate. There is a parking lot over behind the strip mall. So she called the SD to rat me out for “entrapping” her.

So I get a call from the SD, who just happens to be there when my crew is there, moving vehicles. She has feloniously tapped into power from me, the little old lady and little old man who are on the adjacent lot and the strip mall. She was using WATER from the little old couple next door, too.She claimed she had a six year lease with me and I was supposed to supply electricity and water. That would be a big fat NO, since I didn’t HAVE a renter in that unit and renters are responsible for their own utilities. I hadn’t turned the utilities off, since they are supposed to deal with the utility company their own selves.

So that would have been a big fat no. I type up all the rental agreements. She is a squatter. She has never paid a nickle in rent so far. But if she can show a lease agreement, by all means, I will leave the hospital and zip over there.

Well, no, she can’t exactly LOCATE this lease. (Because it doesn’t exist.) So off she goes in cuffs, along with the ten adults and five minors. By the by, this home is less than 300 square feet. No room for all those people.

So we ply-wooded the place up.
There is another little place there and guess what? That guy was sitting on the porch WATCHING the cops, smoking crack. He’s gone too. And since he hasn’t paid rent in six months and I’ve already served him with papers (we were going to court tomorrow), the SD had him sign a form, telling me that he was vacating the premises, since he was being popped for parole violation.

So in a week, we’ll have these two places ready to rent.
I have another place that goes up for sale as soon as the 3 day or quit notice goes up. I hate being a landlord. I have to wheel and deal for rent all damn month. I have a buyer, so it should flip in 30 days. We paid $10K for it about 15 years ago, so really, we’ve already more than made the money back, plus the sale place. I just hate getting up in people’s koolaid. It just wears me out.

But when it works, BOY! Can I sleep at night.


5 thoughts on “Squatters THINK they know more about the law than anyone

  1. What state do you live in? It sounds like some of the laws we get to enjoy here in IL–and I have NO intention to become a landlord and not sure I will ever have a housemate other than the adult son that stays here part of the time.
    Way too much ‘fun’ at your place, think I will stay tucked away in the supply dept and deal with my co-workers. I have about 30 minutes a day with most of them and usually not close contact. They don’t like me and I feel they have poor work ethics and won’t play their games or gossip with them.
    This working and being so tired is sure cutting into my knitting time

  2. I feel you on this – (I was an apartment manager when I was in college) – too bad you can’t just set off a room fogger to get rid of deadbeats, that would be so easy!

    1. I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME understand these people. I understand about money troubles. I just don’t understand that this woman is squatting in my house with no heat, no gas, no electricity. It gets COLD here at night.
      Maybe tweakers don’t notice the chill.

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