Somedays, it is not worth opening my eyes

Next week, I’ll be moving out of this house and into the hotel. The new people want to celebrate Christmas here. I did that once and it is highly over-rated. Far too much emotional pressure for the payout, which is pretty much “WHAT WAS I THINKING!!??”

This weekend, Ben and I will move all the little stuff. When I get tired, he’ll line the kitchen cabinets. Today, I stopped by Darling’s room and crawled into bed with him. I have a feeling that those moments will be few and far between. He will be going to a rehab place a ways away from here. His doctor thought he could come home today with me, but looking at me, he changed his mind. It’s not just the staph plus something else or the bad spleen or chemo starting on Monday or even the daily headaches that land me in the ER (if I could find my clinic, I wouldn’t be in the ER.Too bad I am either dropping in my tracks or just wandering around).

I did not plan for this and I’m pretty sure I never did anything rotten enough to anyone for this to be payback. There is just a lot of STUFF that goes along with dealing with estates and rehabilitation placements and everything else that goes along with this. It is almost more than I can bear. It is actually MORE than I can bear today. Tomorrow is another day and I’m pretty sure it will be better. OR the challenges will be different.


4 thoughts on “Somedays, it is not worth opening my eyes

  1. I am adding you and Darling to my prayer list. The rehab far away stinks, the move so the new owners can be in by Christmas will be a pain, am sending cyber hugs. All of us creative people have too many un-finished projects hiding about…some things just need some age before they can grow again.
    the sun is out but it’s about 46 degrees out right now, the leaves are falling but we don’t seem to be getting any nice fall color stuff, our weather this year has been just too weird for that…

  2. “Some days are diamonds…some days are stones…”
    I think you’ve had your gracious plenty of stones…
    Here’s to some sparkly, shiny, bright and beautiful
    and no more freaking stones

  3. Some days it takes all out of us to just “keep on, keeping on!” I wish for you a good rest of the day and a better tomorrow. Try to keep one foot in front of the other today if you can.
    Luv ya dearly,

  4. Cliche, sorry, but take one minute at a time, then one hour and then a day will have gone. All things come to an end, good or bad.
    Prayer for you and husband.

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