I love to make lists

I like colored pens and colored stickies. I like to keep everything all tidy and nice, so if my CPA want to see piece of paperPQ837yu, I know exactly where it is.

I’m sort of in the middle of the beginning of this part right now. If one were not aware of the gargantuan proportions this ear of my life is taking, one would think I’m just a wee bit messy. One would be wrong.

My furniture is all tagged to be moved next week. The hotel is tagged so the furniture goes where I want it to be. All of the cupboards are empty and labeled. We’ll be living on patio furniture until Christmas.

Except for the doctor days, I’m over at the hotel, putting CLEAN things away. I need more wooden hangers (why don’t wooden hangers multiply like the plastic ones?)

Tomorrow, I have a ton of running around to drop off paperwork. And man, am I tired today. This cancer stuff has done me no favors in the energy department. Darling is getting some new fangled reverse sterile dressing that will keep his would cleaner and send in more oxygen….a good thing, I guess. All the pulling and yanking and taping gets old after a while.

3 thoughts on “I love to make lists

  1. I always felt compelled to leave my classroom so neat and organized, so arranged…that if a big gravel truck flattened me out on the way home from school the powers that be could find exactly what they needed…and more…

    At home now…not so much…they are going to have to do a bit of digging if I go tango uniform any time soon…

    No more plastic hangers! screeched in my best Faye Dunaway doing Joan Crawford voice…lol

  2. It sounds like organized progress…and hopefully it will stay organized. Hope you and that husband both get healthy so you can enjoy your place together, Maggie who comes home from work beat tired and foot hurting but I’m working and that makes me happy!

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