On Saturday, I’m putting stuff away at the hotel

All of my cleaning supplies (well, not every single bit) and my sewing and knitting things. Then I’m setting the timer for two hours and and working on the bookshelves. I want the same author on the same shelf. All my Harry Potter stuff goes on the shelf with a big crystal ball and a porcelain hootie owl. Two hours is about all I can get away…Darling sleeps about that long and then he wanders downstairs and I like being there when he starts to wander.

Goodness, there is a lot to do when you are moving. Stuff needs to be put away or tossed. Windows have to be cleaned (mine are 14 FEET high…just the glass part) and the bookshelves have to be dusted and waxed; the books all need to be wiped off as well. I have things for grandchildren to play with, so they have to be put away where the little ones can get their hands on them.

I think my bed has to be raised up because it is not as high as I like. I like it to be high enough to fold clothes on without a bunch of bending over. I need to find three doggie beds for the bedroom and for the library, so they all have a place to be that is not on top of my furniture. Tomorrow, I’m going to Salmon’s and seeing if they have two love seats I can stand. Isn’t it funny, when you are looking for furniture, there is only junk in the stores? Or worse, ugly junk? I want two love seats (or maybe just one, if I decide to use two chairs instead of one of the love seats. Then, i need two leather chairs, NOT BECAUSE I LIKE LEATHER CHAIRS. My husband likes them, so I’m getting two so the room will look even. The day he dies, those chairs are going out the house. I hate leather chairs.

I discovered at I not only have an attic storage, I have 4,000 square feet of storage under my floor and above the retail space on the street level. There is six feet of space between the first and second floor, so no one is going to complain about me walking around in my house. It is all ply wooded, so I have an enormous amount of storage.

I have to say, it is going to tough for me to take the artwork out of this house and put it up over there. I love the stuff I have up on my walls and I’ll miss it when it is across town.

We’ll be moved up before the foyer is finished and the new, industrial door is put up. The doorbell is knee level, because I have other things to do with my time than trying to figure out who is the person I don’t know is ringing my bell. It will have a mail drop and other than that, it will look like the impermeable back door of a crack house.

I dread the day that my washer and dryer are across town (even for a few days) and that totally screws up my laundry schedule. (You would think that the universe rests on my laundry schedule. If not adhered to, we will implode.)


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