Rough Saturday and a really annoying commercial

Today is better.

With both of us so sick, sometimes it is all we can do to get the dogs fed. I can keep the dishes up, only because a messy kitchen makes me feel as if my life is totally out of control.

My plans for today is to just vacuum downstairs and clean off the top of my coffee table. That’s it. Sum total of my energy. I might manage to clean the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen floor, but only if we stay up and I do it during the commercials.

Which brings me to this REALLY annoying car commercial. I don;t even know what car it is pimping; I just know that the pre-tween kid, with his expensive jeans, shirt, sneakers and leather jacket walks past his dad, who is washing the car. (I never saw my dad wash a car in my life. In my reality, that kid would have been washing the car.) So spoiled brat saunters by the station wagon, griping about how his family car is a geek mobile and not nearly cool enough for him. Then a black SUV pulls up, he hops in the front seat (I never sat in a front seat with my parents IN MY LIFE.) The driver? A gal probably 10 years older than the kid….certainly not a mom figure for a kid that age. So the sum total of the message is parents should buy this car so their kids can look cool. And if mom and dad aren;t cool enough looking, stay out of sight.

So all I know for a fact is that whatever this commercial is selling?
I’m never buying.


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