Window coverings pro and con

Where I live now has blinds on all the windows. I could never find enough fabric I really liked to make curtains and aside from one set of drapes I bought online, I just gave up. There was so much cleaning and cooking to do, the garden always needed weeding, the lawn always needed mowing, there were eggs to be found….did I mention I worked full time with an hour commute?

So I just decided curtains were not something I was going to go crazy about.

So now we are the middle of moving (mainly in the messy part–you know, where you cannot find anything, anywhere), I ordered drapes and blinds for the hotel. Having them made, even with the black-out lining and custom shades, it is WAY less than I could have done them myself. (I broke the cost down per window….much easier to handle). Plus, they will all be done right, hemmed, finished…everything. I had a budget and came in $3K UNDER. Most of the fabrics aren’t super expensive but I went crazy in the master bath. I spent more on those two windows than on any other window in the entire house. I just loved the fabric. A LOT.

It is just easier to work with a decorator. Julia and I just clicked and she not only knows her fabrics (so I didn’t have to spend hours looking, looking,looking).

My one extravagance was putting a drapery in the pantry/laundry. I am not a tidy laundry person, It always looks like my washer has thrown up on the floor. I’ve tried. I just can’t find enough caring in myself for the laundry room to even put it on the list. I keep that door closed because you can see the laundry from the front door and God knows, I don;t want strangers to think I am a mess. So in my pantry/laundry room I extravagantly had drapes made. I can pull them shut and all of my laundry sins will be out of sight and out of mind.

The next project, after moving, will to have the chairs in the dining room recovered; then three chairs redone. So we’ve been working on the hotel itself for 15 years. The drapes will take another three months (we will be living there before the drapes are all up). Then there is the year to actually get settled in and then a year to get the furniture recovered.

And only the stuff I love is making the move. Huge yardsale is on the way.


One thought on “Window coverings pro and con

  1. I’ve lived in old houses, renovation projects for more than 22 years now.. I dream of order and all the walls being finished, and curtains, baths with matching towels…maybe some day, it will take time.
    I am so glad you are having progress, Maggie

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