I’m clearly not a nurse

Humans are a messy bunch.

I went to WalMart this morning for medical supplies. Did they have the four things I needed? Noooooo. But I saw all kinds of stuff I am sure I never WANT to need in my life. Now, all I need to find is a skin barrier gel, to go between the paper tape and the vast amount of skin I’m taping and gauze pads infused with vaseline. I’m wondering if I could use new vaseline and just not cootie-fy it with my grubby fingers.

The wound vac, which merrily sucks away 24/7, like a little vacuumn cleaner hose, developd some kind of leak in the coupling so I unhooked it and just put on a wet-to-dry dressing on this gigantic gaping hole he has in his belly. The vac, however, wouldn’t turn off it’s little alarm, so I umplugged it and put it in the guest room. It beeped until a few minutes ago. Poor little thing was just worn out.

The unit gave me trouble from the very start, so now I know that if that’s the case, toss it and try another. It’s a case of trading one ooky thing for another, I guess. I’m not as squeamish as I was in the beginning, although Mike told me he could do without the sound effects. (OMG! Yuck!” “Ick, what the ick is that?” “Is that a staple?” Yank yank. “Guess not.” )

I told him it wasn’t as bad as pulling calves, running cattle, de-horning, castrating or branding. I think branding was the worst. We usually did it all at once, so it was one giant, roiling mess of blood and knives and burning flesh. Every once in a while, we’d run cattle for the neighbors and there would be a big crowd of men. Mom didn’t have to go out, but we girls did. We would just run cattle all day long, cutting them out, running them down the shoot, processing them, then running them back into a pen and bringing up a new bunch. Cows are not smart but I do believe that sheep are stupider, in general.

So, in general, tending to humans is pretty high on the ick factor, as is tending to animals.

One thought on “I’m clearly not a nurse

  1. I’ve been that ranch hand too, and know the drill, have gotten myself with pocket knife, vaccine needle, calf hooves, mad momma cow…
    After that, we gals can handle far more ‘stuff’ than our city raised ‘sisters’ and still scrub up well.
    Hope the healing continues along with the house move project, Maggie

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