No photos yet

I can see the changes, but they don’t translate into film.
I think that we are going to move into one of the houses at the shop….the hotel just won’t be ready. Am I delighted? No.

The new people are so excited to be moving …they were over the other day, checking out my winter garden, asparagus and where I have my rhubarb. (She approved.) She even liked the way I had a potting area under the old clothesline, where I had twined grapevines over the top for shade. I showed her how I used the water from the koi pond for irrigation and gave her the down low on all the fruit trees. She is totally for filling the dovecote with doves and keeping chickens in the chicken run. This place just needs a family with children and a much younger mother to run it. She loved the way I had honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine on the fences. She is quite excited that the koi go with the house (like where would I keep them) and is delighted with the windmill (it runs the pump for the koi pond.) I gave her the approximate planting and harvest dates.

So my plans have changed a little. Most of the stuff will be moved into the hotel. My bed, a dresser, nightstands will go into the only bedroom. There is room for a little kitchen table and my w/d. The living room has room for two chairs and the TV. That’s it. It’s a little bigger than a hotel room but not by much.
The good part is that Mike won’t have any stairs to climb.
There will be plenty of room for the dogs.
It is safe, quite and remote.
We can start selling off all the stuff we honestly don;t need to hang on to–have a regular yard sale day will help Mike not feel so useless.
And our overhead will be almost nothing. (Place is too small.)
I can fix the cameras and the motion lights so when we leave, I can still keep an eye on who is walking in and out with sticky fingers. (We’ve had some real problems with the squatter. Last week, she had over 300 construction items stashed in her house. Every day she is there, it’s a problem. My guys are fixing the fences so the dogs will be safe when we move in. I have fruit trees there, too….persimmons, two kinds of figs and a huge pecan tree.
Not my dream house, but not so bad for a stop gap.

I like that it will allow Mike to have some freedom. It’s private enough for me. Room for the dogs. And the overhead money that we save? Dump those pennies right into my drapery fund!

*Darling has vetoed the temporary move.
So just wind me up and point me into the fray.


3 thoughts on “No photos yet

  1. So, when is the big move day? You say you sold the homestead so when do you leave? I also don’t understand why you can’t live in the hotel yet. Is Mike not able to climb the stairs? Confused here.

  2. Why hasn’t squatter been arrested for theft? When she has over 300 construction items stashed in her/your house, isn’t that grounds for arrest?

    How long does it take to get a squatter out? When she does leave, I bet she’ll try to take a lot of your property with her.

    In-between house will be OK.

    Is Darling going to be in charge of the garage/yard sale? It’s an enormous amount of work, as you know….

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