Surgery for me next week

I have this HUGE staph infection on some decades old scars. I have been tested up the wazoo and all they can come up with is that maybe I’m under too much stress. Ya THINK?

So I’m talking to my really great surgeon about this surgery…which is scheduled for next week—so it’s a pretty high priority for her. She said I could just have a local….and I said, heck no! That HURTS! Put me to sleep. I need some rest. (She can dig deeper if I’m asleep.) So we’re going to do that and then keep me in hospital for a few days on IV antibiotics, since this has been such an ongoing problem, then send me to a rehab place, since t here is no one to take care of me.

I’m still puking and really? I am sick of it. I’ve had to quit drinking fluids and just have ice chips. If I have too much fluid in me and toss my cookies, I screw up my electrolytes. Ice chips are easier on me. Carbs make me sick. Protein makes me sick. Candy makes me sick.

I’m a mess.

But I’m still taking care of the house, the moving, the crew, the squatter (she is enough on her own; every day it is something that involves the SD), the bills and my husband.

If I were my mother, I’d say, “Just stand me up and point me into the fray.”
She must have been exhausted.

So am I.


6 thoughts on “Surgery for me next week

  1. katie, darling, i am so sorry you have to have surgery but i like the idea of letting you rest and putting you in a rehab to let someone else take care of you for a change. please listen to the docs and let them give you lots of good drugs so you can get back on your feet and address the other monsters down the road 😉 xoxoxoxo and please post when you are able!

  2. Aaargh – didn’t realise the sickness persisted. Yes, take the anaesthetic and sleep for as along as you can. Who will take care of M while you are healing? Oh never mind, not my business. Just get well, chloe, get well.

  3. “fray” meaning battle or struggle, humm? You can use your mom’s example and stagger into this fray and come out striding whole and strong and totally the conquerer on the other side. You’re ornery and tough (not to mention stubborn) and those qualitites will get you through this

    Take every advantage of this time to rest. I don’t know why you haven’t been hollering, “Help me!” long before this.

  4. Love you dearly.
    I hope you have some help around there when you get out.
    You may be tough, ornery and stubborn but we all have a breaking point.
    Don’t let it get that tough.
    Prayers and positive thoughts,

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