Oh, no Stitches for me this year

Moving just has tossed my entire life into a tailspin. I’m the only one, apparently, who has any idea that whatever goes into a box also has to come out of the box….and it would be helpful if the boxes were labeled. I have managed to move almost all of the clothes out of the closets.

It is hard work, packing, discarding, tossing stuff all the live long day. Tomorrow, it’s all the stuff out of the guest room. Everything is boxed up and half the job is getting a parking spot in front of the hotel. If I have to park across the street, the trek just wears me out. (We save the scissor lift for the big jobs).

Tonight is the Christmas Parade, but since it is FREEZING, we are skipping it. Next year for sure, though.

My Stitches catalog came far too late for me to sign up for any of the classes I wanted (Closed! Closed! and Closed!)…so maybe next year my brother and I will go. I think he is the only person on Earth I have never had words with, because we have yet to believe the worst of each other. Last year, I was able to get into all of my first choice classes and it was WONDERFUL! Next year, I’m just interested in Russian lace and the market place (which is mind boggling! IT is huge!) I really try to use my LYS, because they need the business. Since there is no local store IN MY COUNTY, I go elsewhere…but at least they know me.


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