I don’t WANT strangers touching my stuff

I have three guys hired to move my big stuff. Some of it is going upstairs (not tomorrow, because it is pouring rain), some of it is being moved out of one of the barns and some of it is going INTO one of the barns.

But my clothes and my photos and my perfume bottles…thanks so much, but keep your mitts off them. I want to wash and pack them here, load my car and then put them away where I want them. I want them all shiny and clean and where they belong.

My bed isn’t tall enough, so I have to get a king sized box spring for my Temperedic mattress. I like a tall bed PLUS it will look nice next to the dressers I’m using as night stands. I’ve looked everywhere for the right kind of lamps and have finally found some really pretty ones in Cayucus, near Cambria. The lamps are white and incised with delicate Queen Anne’s lace. The base has a light and then I will just buy some prettily shaped lampshades. In the bottom drawer, I’ll have my emergency supplies–batteries, flashlights. candles, matches, first aide kit.

I have a cabinet in my closet and that’s where I’m keeping all of our scripts. I’ve never liked having pill bottle out on display on the kitchen table or crammed into a medicine cabinet. Nobody’s business what I’m taking.

Mike built a tall cabinet in the closet so I’d have someplace to put all of my pocketbooks. I got all of those put away today and there is only one that I really hate. It’s yellow but not springtime yellow. It’s sort of Gray Poupon mustard yellow and I don’t like it one little bit. I have two white pique hanging bags for my shoes. The rest of the cabinet has shallow drawers for all of my jewelry (most of my stuff is from etsy or Mervyn’s. The really good stuff? I wear every day.) But I still don;t want some honyocks riffling thru my things.

I’m really picky about how my closet looks, too. I don’t like my stuff all jammed up. I like it in color order, white to black. I like all of my slack folded and hung over wooden hangers. I want every shelf lined with soft rubber shelf liner. I put in brown in the kitchen but everything else is lined with white.

In October, I picked out most of my drapery fabrics but I changed my mind in the bedroom (it was super rose floral and just too girly) and the library drapes…which I loved, but I need to get two love seats in a chenille pattern, two leather chairs (I hate leather but Mike loves it). I have a game corner, with two barber chairs (blood red alligator hide) and a big round game table. Need help with the table cloth. I have a stained glass floor lamp, but I need help with every other thing.

Then I have my grandmother’s wide armed chair that needs to be recovered. It goes in one corner of the library, where I have all the grandbaby toys and books at hand.

With all of that, PLUS the drapes, I know I’m going to need help. I can’t wrap my brain around that much texture and pattern, so I have to call my fabric supplier and say “Here. And I don’t like dirt colors.”

The walls are crime scene red and I just can’t do it. Years ago, I managed a fabric store and just by handling so much fabric, I could really work up some great bridal parties. Wedding dresses, attendants, mothers, ties, place settings, table cloths….I could pull it altogether because I saw so many possibilities. In the passing years, I haven’t spent so much time looking at fabrics and you get rusty. I know what HATE but other than that, I need some direction. (Too much green will make it look like Christmas every day.

I also want to move all of my framed artwork over by myself. My Audubon will go in the lobby, because it is a really detailed original and looks it. (Swamp Hare). Makes me feel rich just to look at it. The lobby is coming together exactly right, with no recovering. I have a 12 foot Victorian couch with a matching chair and a green damask Victorian chair. They look just charming all together. I also have an old (1776) architect’s table. In the lobby, I also have an Eastlake organ. I’m upholstering the bench with the music of one of my favorite songs. Farther down the hallway, is my embrola, with framed instruments and a shadow box of my mother playing the violin. The box has her violin, her glasses, a handkerchief and sheet music. The photo? She is in front of their 1933 car and the boys and the dog are howling as she plays.

Still in the lobby area is a carved case with all of Mike’s antique cameras. Down the hallway to the veranda will be all of the framed photos of historic Hanford–framed and matted the same, including some of the notes from Little Dickie Mills’ teachers. He hid them in the walls and when I knocked down some of the walls, out they tumbled. Poor Mrs Mills! Dickies teachers must have thought she just didn;t care about her little hellion. Dickie ended up losing the hotel in a poker game and died desititue and drunk. (If you are going to die desitute, I think some alcohol would be called for.)


5 thoughts on “I don’t WANT strangers touching my stuff

    1. Paulie,
      I am so looking forward to settling in. As much fun as the last 15 years has been, this is really the part I like the best…moving furniture around, picking out pillows and bedspreads. You know, you are always welcome…we are right on the Amtrack line!

  1. Aaargh, Chloe! I can’t read your blog. Those moving white bits are giving me another headache! Seriously. Let me know when they’re gone after Christmas and I’ll check back – sorry!

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