My laundry room is BIG

It was once the butler’s pantry (sadly, the butler is long gone.) It now has room for a great big pantry and on the opposite side, the laundry room. There is a hidden cupboard and hidden shelves for laundry boxes. There is also space for a tower to hold my wicker laundry baskets, so there aren’t piles of clothing every where and the baskets are the exact size for a load. Each basket is dedicated for specific load and have the the” secret recipe” for the loads, so they come out sparkling white. The raw materials for my secret recipes are already mixed, labeled and neatly on the interior shelves.

I am so picketity about the looks of my laundry…and the way my things smell, as well. I have sachets for the hanging clothes, for the folded things and for my linens. I just like that every fresh scent that makes the entire house smell fresh and clean and sunkissed.

Those kinds of touches just make me happy.

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