My upstairs pantry

It used to be the butlers pantry (no butler anymore!). Part of it is my laundry room and then one entire wall is the pantry. It is almost ceiling high (14 feet tall), with glass doors and then wooden drawers. I have a ton (okay 100 cans) of soup, along with dry soups,lots of canned fruits and vegetables.

Syrups and jams.

Bread mixes (the bread mixer is on the top shelf).

Jello, cake mixes, rice, dry beans, instant potatoes, cans of every kind of beans you can imagine. Lots of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Italian foods. Canned meant. Pasta.

I keep all the dried foods in clean and empty peanut butter jars. I fill them up and then put them in the freezer for 48 hours. I keep my big storage (several hundred pounds of sugar, wheat, coffee, tea and what nut) in the floor between our home (3rd floor) and the commercial floors (1st floor). I keep a lot of my extra medical supplies in there also (amazing what all you need!) .

I have lots of Kotex (great for using on open wounds), needles, threads, petroleum dressings, tweezers, scalpels, hemostats…just lots of medical supplies. I have a lot of folk medicines, too. along with old medicine books. as well as the Farmers Almanac. I have a lot of dried meats and fruits and I use them in addition to the regular foods I use in rotation with my regular foods. Climbing up and down those stairs keeps me in shape!
This is the way I was raised, so it isn’t as whakadoodle as it sounds. I spend about $25 a week more than I would ordinarily and surprise! the food goes a lot farther. Plus I can have people over on a whim and always have something to eat. So it’s a win-win situation!

I keep all of my big serving pieces on the top of the pantry and all of my fancy napkins, in the drawers. I have all of my tables clothes in my slide out drawers in my china hutch. I also have emergency electiricty outtage supplies all over the house —crank up radios, candles, matches, crack open hand and foot warmers, socks, mittens and those little glow in the dark necklaces you get at the circus…just so we can see each other walking around the house. The out side of the hotel is covered with razor wire, so we never have to worry about people hopping into the house, but I still have a worry about strangers leaping from one roof onto our veranda. Lots of things to worry about! We have a water tower on the roof, so we have some water available for a while…at least until thing get straightened out again!

Farmers have beef on the hoof and a well; I have the same stuff. Sorta.


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