Furniture moving 101: Closets

The closet I’m moving into is the size of a roomy one car garage. I think it is somewhere around 14 x 14…certainly bigger than a prison cell! It has a transom so it can be aired out and has rose sachets, because those are my favorites.

You need three boxes. Big ones, but not so big you can’t get them in the car by yourself.

One box is for stuff that has served it’s purpose , is worn out and needs to be tossed out. Anything I work to work at the prison? Not going to make the cut. This is going OUT, unless I can find a place that shreds fabric and turns it into something else.

One box is for donations. This stuff might be the wrong size or color, but it is perfectly good. It can go off to my favorite charity.

One is for stuff that needs to be mended or rewashed with a firm eye to that stain on the collar. Depending on how well this works, it might stay or go.

The rest of the stuff is going with you. It needs to be hung on whatever kind of hanger you’ll be using–pink plastic, wire, bendy only on TV infomercial hangers or my favorite, wood hangers.

Everything that is going gets a hanger and then in lain down in layers on a sheet. Once it looks pretty full, fold the edges over and you can take what looks like a dead body out into the car and lay in down in the back seat. It is easy to transport this way and when you are done, you are steps away from having your entire bed made up.

I like to hang my tops from white to black, with the colors in between. Slacks are folded to keep their crease in and are hung in color order as well. My dresses and coats hang on a higher bar. and I make sure that the dresses have ribbons sewn into the waist seam so I can use that to give more shape to the dress and less strain on the shoulder seams. I’ve made pique garment bags for my coats, so they won’t get dusty. It’s not really cold enough here to need a coat but sometimes I’ll want one anyway.

I have a basket for things to drop off at the cleaners and a mending basket for lost buttons, strained seams and failed buttonholes. I really love mending. Unless you do it every evening, a months worth of mending can take up to an entire hour and you can watch a whole episode of Law and Order and be done by the closing credits.

I have a jewelry tower, with drawers for all of my jewelry. I love bracelets, especially. And rings! They go inot color coordinated drawers, too. Silver, gold, red. turquoise, sparkly, coral, sea glass and sea shells, black and white….like that.

The drawer is sectioned out and has a velvet cloth, anchored at the back of the drawer that acts as a dust cover when the drawer is closed. Hanging over this tower is a crewel work piece I did when I was expecting Ben. I love it. It’s a portrait of a mother and child, with the words “Become a child and know the wonder of life…Have a child and know the wonder of love.  I have the cross stitched birth announcements there, too.  I also keep dishes for my rings and earrings and I have two bracelet displays, where I leave my current favorites, when I’m not wearing them.

I like to keep things sort of fresh and don’t wear the same things all the time. I love the real stuff, but I love etsy just as well! For me, it is all about the shiny stuff! My real hats are in a glassed in case.

I keep my shoes in the simplest of all orders. It is just one shelf about six inches from the floor. Goes around two of the closet walls and I can fit in every shoe I have ever wanted in one. They are in color order, too…from white to black. Over where the coast and longer dresses hang, I keep my boots with newspaper rolled up inside them so they don’t flop over. I did pad the wooden shelf with some pretty spring fabric. I used the fabric, some quilt batting and a staple gun, It just made it look pretty.

I have a tower of plastic cubes that fits in the inside corner of the rods. Sweaters that need to be folded go in there. It keeps them much nicer that way. Most of my clothes are whipped out from the dryer right onto a hanger but sometimes, something needs to be ironed and starched a bit. I have those supplies in the laundry room.

I also have a medicine cabinet in there, too. It has all of my supplies, ointments, tisanes and teas as well as all my old home medicine and folk medicine books. I can take care of a platoon of children with this stuff. It’s mainly the old home remedies from the 50’s—salt, vaseline, vinegar, baking soda and Vicks. I can also stitch people and dogs up pretty good, too. This is where all of our real medicine is, too.

Not in the bathroom and certainly not on the dining room table. Mike is in charge of medicine around her and he gets it ready. With this kind of an arrangement, he can tell what needs a refill and what just needs to be tossed (usually an antibioltic that made me sick after three days, so I just plain quit taking it.). We keep sunburn stuff up there, ear candles, syringes….all kinds of stuff we might possibly need.

At the very top of this closet (it’s 16 feet high, which is a lot of closet!) I have a shelf filled with decorative hat boxes where I keep my Christmas things. My handmade (mostly by my hands) decorations are the most precious, of course, but I have also my family Christmas album and every Christmas card I have ever gotten in my life. I swag them across the windows and it makes me feel just absolutely RICH beyond compare. I have enough decorations for three entire trees but I can tell that it is time to share some of these ornaments with Lisi. She has here own home now and this year, she has her first tree. It’s time to twine her into the joys of the family ornaments the one, two or three of us have been making over the last 30 years.


Pictures before, during and after coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Furniture moving 101: Closets

  1. Hi Chloe! You asked about a pattern for the Kachina socks. You know, I just used a plain vanilla sock pattern and stuck some colorful (and easy) fair isle patterns every here and there, separated by the main color. (Of course, I finished the sock according to the length of the person’s foot.) It was great having Blaine here to try it on as I went, but I made my BIL’s while estimated his size, since his foot is only a bit bigger than Blaine’s. ) Then I stuck the sole on it, pinning it on, and it was a little tricky getting that on. One lady told me that next time I should put a bottle of hairspray in the sock to safety pin the sock to the sole. Then I sewed it together. Then I crocheted a round all the way around the top of the seam. Hope this helps!

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