Low key Christmas here

I didn’t even get a tree.
For years, we had a Christmas tree lot and I always had really great, fresh, huge trees.
Then the super WalMart moved to town.
For a couple of years, there were still small tree lots, then SaveMart, Home Depot and Lowe’s all started carrying the mid-sized trees, along with WalMart. So we just dropped out of the market, along with all of the other small lots in town.
Do I miss it? Sort of. I don;t miss people coming in to con us out of a tree. I don;t miss sleeping in the trailer at the lot. I don;t miss working until midnight….why people would come out at MIDNIGHT to buy a tree is beyond me. I don;t miss standing in the fog, selling tress.
I do miss the smell of fresh tress, right off the truck (okay, the truck always managed to show up at 2 A.M.).

So we’ve decided to get pre-lit tress next year and store them in the attic. They fold up and I can hang them up on the roof joists. (My “attic” is the space between our floor and the downstairs ceilings. Amazingly, it is a little over 6 feet high and runs the entire space of the hotel. It is all floored…again, amazing. That is a LOT of flooring. It looks like downfall boards, which is to say rough and picked over, but at least I don;t have to manuever the boards up the stairs and into the attic.

In a lot of ways, this is probably the quietest holiday I have ever had. We are exchanging few gifts because right now, no one needs anything. Later this afternoon, we’ll be going over to Lisi’s house for the gift exchange and dinner.

It’s been a tough year. Mike is still ill, as am I. Ben spends most of his time here, tending to us. (We are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves but it is nice to have an extra pair of hands.) Lisi is teaching at the prison. I retire in six days. Except for the squatter, all of our rentals are full, so I don;t have a lot to fret and worry about.

3 thoughts on “Low key Christmas here

  1. Sounds like life is good and getting better and better with each day for both Mike and you.
    On to a new year and retirement for you! You will love it with all you have to going for you over there!
    Much love,

  2. I don’t do the commercial big hoopla here either, this year stayed home, didn’t even go eat with friends.
    I understand that ‘bad, rough year stuff, think your year has been harder than mine but we sure deserve a far better 2011 than our 2010 has been.

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