Big changes for 2011

And about time, too! 2010 was a rough year personally, professionally, health
wise….it sucked. Except for what really counts, it wasn’t so hot.So I have high hopes for 2011.

For one, I retired. I have a little part time job with the county, teaching home bound children. It’s a nice flexible job, high paying and the money will go towards the house/hotel. I’ll be working with children with valley fever, cancer and HIV. I guess it’s the kind of job where teachers burn out rapidly, so they are always looking for new people. I’ve got experience with all of this and I think I’ll be able to just be the teacher and the high point of the day, for mother and child. When Page had Sharuk, I went over one afternoon. Her husband was deployed and she was exhausted. I offered to watch Sharuk so she could take a shower. It was one of those tiny acts of kindness which has shaped our entire friendship….so I know I can do this very same thing for the parents of a seriously ill child. And if anyone knows what little kids like, well, that would be ME.

And speaking of…you know how moving always brings out the best or worst in people, I happen to love moving. I love organizing and can happily OCD organize stuff all day long. It just makes me happy to see everything all tidily stowed away. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Tomorrow, I need to make a WalMart/Target stop for more shelf lining (I must have MILES of shelves). Wooden hangers (no, I don;t have enough. Yet.) Big sale on plastic banker’s type boxes that are clear and will fit in the little nook in the closet behind the fireplace. That’s where my professional round trashcan goes. It’s on wheels and has an apron, where everything is stowed. I drag the cleaning “office” with me. No giving up on a project because I can;t find a feather duster. I made the apron myself and it fits inside and out, with room for the dustmop and pretty much everything else. I get most of my cleaning supplies here and here USAdvantage is only the best for any kind of stains in the house and in clothing. It’s the super concentrate that you water down and all I can say is that is is amazing and has saved more fabrics than I can list. It is an amazing product. (Not cheap and you have to buy a dozen bottles, but they last forever!)

Back to the clear banker’s boxes. I keep my seasonal decorations in these and since they’re clear, there’s no reason to label them.They look tidy and organized and keeps everything dust-free. Living in this old Victorian, I have a healthy respect for dust-free.

I still have miles of shelving to cover AND a list of the shelves I need more of. Of which I need more?
I need miles. My cookbook shelves in the kitchen and in my linen closet.
I found the nicest little makeup drawer organizers for my makeup drawer, but Target didn’t have enough and sure as shooting, if you need 10 and buy 8, you’ll never see them again. And I have such a deep seated need for things to match.

My giant entertainment center is going on the block. I don’t have a wall that long and after even LOADING IT UP with my dishes, so I could see what it would look like….it just didn’t make the cut. It almost looks okay, it just looks like it used to be something else and I’ve just jammed plates in there. There is a big auction house in a little town north of Fresno and I may be able to find something ornate and the right size.

So my beautiful dining room is still on the back burner. I do have some gorgeous mahogany chairs…some of them are my mother’s and some of them we found at a YARD SALE. I swear, you can find all kinds of really great things. I need to recover the seats, which is a nothing little job. I just need to go to San Francisco, drop by Britex and find something that catches my eye. Or maybe I’ll just go to Hart’s Home. They always have nice stuff that I so easily fall in love with. What can I say? I’m a fabric whore.

I also need to stock every single room with a lights out emergency kit. Candles, matches, flashlight, first aide kit and those little glow in the dark necklaces you get kids at Halloween. The lights went out here with the big storms and it is DARK. Like the inside of a trash bag dark. Couldn’t find the doors. And that is just plain pathetic looking, IMO. Mike thinks it is overkill, but since I’m the one wondering around lost in a dark house, I’m not giving his opinion much weight.

Lisi is taking all of my aging wooden patio furniture and I’m yard sailing my big stuff. I want to get a wicker set because that will look right and mighty purty, to beat. I’ll keep one of my round glass tables and use several of my old fashioned stoves to use as a barbeque and buffet.

The more I did and pack, the more stuff I find. At this rate, I will never have to buy anything ever again.

Happy New Year! I hope that you find long lost precious friends and belongings, balance your checkbook and find your bliss!

4 thoughts on “Big changes for 2011

  1. And I hate moving, am terrible about organization and moves have me feeling lost for weeks, sometimes months. I am glad you are enjoying it and the part time teaching job sounds very worthwhile.
    Here we are above freezing and some cloud cover, I’m off today and doing some much neglected and very needed cleaning. I should be off work today as traded with ‘Hoops’ so he could be off New Year’s Eve and everyone in plant would be spared his nasty attitude.
    Hope the moving and settling in continues to go well and the weather is good. And I don’t think emergency kits scattered around is overkill, it’s wise planning.

  2. So you could not just retire. . . haha! Once a teacher, always a teacher. I find myself teaching seniors how to use a computer in our community computer room. . . so I guess the axiom applies to me also. Happy New Year!

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