So far in 2011

I’ve managed to empty my present house just enough so that I feel like either the Joad’s or the Clampett’s.
I’m sitting on a box.
I’m using my dishwasher as a dish cabinet and all the clothes in the house are either in the washer, the dryer or I’m wearing them.

The mover’s are coming to empty out the guest cottage and the big closet under the stairs (you could happily live in either one.)

I’m going to curtail my internet surfing because I really have stuff to do.
I have to put the house back together.
Figure out what gets to stay and what I need to buy (bedspreads and towels, a lid rack…)

Decide where I’m going to put my projects. I have an afghan, two sweaters for Lisi, sweater for Mike, sweater for me to knit.
I have two birth announcements to cross stitch (maybe during the hour I usually read in bed).
I have the rest of the high ornate felt Christmas stockings to do. I’m not following the directions at all much. I still have that little 5 year old in my head telling me “You do SO have better ideas than this!

I have another 20 miles of shelving to cover and then I have about 6,000 books to dust and organize in the bookcases. I’m thinking of putting the stuff I really want my grandkids to read up high and then telling them that it is really for grownups ONLY. Can’t think of a better way to get good literature into the hands of children.

It is after midnight and for some reason, the dogs are chasing each other around the house, They tear down the hall, dart into the parlor, run pellmell thru the dining room, making a sharp turn in the foyer, to the hall around and around.
They are going to love the hotel. The rooms are more spread out but they can run mazes up and down the halls, the stairs and in and out of the rooms. It will be a madhouse.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment in Fresno, then a stop at Sephora’s for some gel eyeliner. I put my regular black pencil on this morning and I looked as if I had escaped from a nursing home. So I trashed that and will stop and see if I can find some that works better than the Baby Jane stuff I was using. (Last week it looked just fine. Today? Get the nets out!) Have to mail in the final papers for my retirement and then go to the Sheriff’s Office and get the criminal complaints lodged against my squatter. She’s been quite a problem for the whole neighborhood and we’d all like her out of there. AND I’m out of books, so I have to stop by the library. I read the Reader’s Digest and Lucky magazine before bed because that was all I could find. Incredible. Maybe I’ll read the story of the woman who poisoned two husbands and her DAUGHTER with antifreeze. I have another one around here that I haven’t read but can’t find. I love reading this true crime trash at bed time.

Friday, all the pictures come down. I know that that is when the house is really going to look empty. Maybe I’ll make fudge and read some true crime. That always cheers me up.

One thought on “So far in 2011

  1. Chloe, do you get my comments? When I post here it always wants me to “sign up” and sends me an email that says in order to leave a comment I have to register …… am just wondering if you get them or not?

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