My new reality show

Spent the entire day boxing, flinging, stacking, cleaning and putting stuff I no longer have space in my life for in boxes.
My house looks like every other house which is mostly moved out of. Stray socks on the floor. Bags hanging from the banister.
Washer going.
I brought in my outside laundry line and am letting most of my things air dry. The dryer is full of sheets, towels and other heavy items I’ve pulled off shelves I have rarely used. They need to be freshened up. I have another box filled with table linens to take to the Chinese laundry. They need to be freshened and starched , then pressed in the big mangle. I’m sending all my pillowslips there, too, because I like sleeping on crisp linens.

I have an early morning run to the market (out of milk) with a mid-day side trip to Target (hangers, shelf lining, eye-liner and lipstick). I’ll pick up a cross stitch magazine while I’m out…I saw one with a pattern I really liked but did I buy it when I saw it? Do I remember what the cover looked like? Noooooo. I do know it’s a cross stitch magazine, though.

I’m thinking that I’d like tuna noodle casserole for dinner. I’ve been thinking about it for three days, so I guess tuna it is.
I make it with pressed tuna, mid-sized shells, two cans of mushroom soup, half can of half and half. I like to cover half of it with crushed potato chips and the other half with crushed Chicken in a Bisquit crackers. (I don;t like the potato chips but my husband does). I need to stop by the newspaper and get a bunch of yesterday’s newspapers to wrap stuff in. All in all, I think I only have one entire room left….it’s just that all the stuff is spread over the entire house. There are piles everywhere. It looks like the side of the road in a hard wind.

The kitchen table goes tomorrow. And to pull out both the stove and fridge and steam clean them. no reason to take old dirt with me.

My next little reward is a pedicure on Tuesday. I’m already slathering my feet in utter butter and wearing socks. My feet look terrible so I’m looking forward to this little treat.

I need to get up into the attic and make sure everything is gone. I mainly have help, but with help, it means you have to continually check behind them. Some of the stuff goes in the big van…not because it is valuable but because it is precious.
I sold the chest freezer and the sweep out the summer cottage. This was our little guest cottage. Lisi had sleep overs there; we had family stay there. Sometimes when it was super windy in the spring, we’d all sleep out there. Sort of like camping but more convenient.

I need to make a stop at the library, too. I forgot my pin number and I can’t order books. I’m done with everything I checked out. I checked out Kitty Kelley’s OPRAH. It was no big huge surprise. No big secrets. That woman works HARD and for every single thing she has, she has given up something. So I’m going to look for something light and easy.


2 thoughts on “My new reality show

  1. Can you still buy mangle irons? We had one back in the 50’s and 60’s I used as a kid/teen back in WI.
    Thanks for writing about Oprah. I always thought she “overworked” herself but you just verified that. I watch her with her weight issues over the 25 years she has been on tv and I figure……she has and can have it all and still can’t keep the weight down. It’s okay to be JUST who one is. I am fat and working on getting less fat for my own health not for the looks anymore.
    Sounds like the place is coming together and the old homestead is almost empty.
    Do you cleaning help at all in either place? I sure hope so!

  2. You’ve worked way too hard. But once you are moved and completely settled in, you will be enjoying the great new place.

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