Speaking of stairs

I have 35 stairs to climb up and down in my house…not counting the stairs I’m climbing to shuttle things into the vans.
I have 75 stairs to climb in the hotel. One way. I did not think this thru.

I have two more closets to move, plus get all the bedding freshened up, dried and moved. I think if I could work like I was 19, this would all be done. Today! While I’m doing that, Darling is running all the dishes thru the D/W, drying. wrapping and packing them. (He is more careful than I.) Ben is dragging the entire craft closet and putting it in the front room (everything is in boxes).

My big van is full of stuff, so of course, the battery is dead. A new one is coming over and I just hope I have help when it is time to drag all that stuff up the stairs to the hotel.

It is too wet/grey/drippy/wet to get into the garden. I have paperwork to take care of this afternoon. (Cannot put it off any longer. Imperative that it gets done. More than imperative. Urgent!

One thought on “Speaking of stairs

  1. Stairs were my biggest battle with my accident recovery. I could handle that going up stuff but the ankle and foot lost so much flexibility that I went down any steps sideways, 1 very careful step at a time. And with huge fears of falling. I felt like I had accomplished something huge and worthy of Front Page Banner when I was finally able to go down them anywhere close to ‘normal’. I will NOT envy you and all those steps you have…

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