I have the best one on the Planet.
He’ll wait when he sees me trotting down the walk. If I have something heavy delivered, he’ll put it inside the gate so I can actually get it into the house. If, for some reason, I haven;t picked up the mail for several days, he’ll bring it up to the house and drop it in my mail slot.

If I could tip him, I would.
If I could give him cookies, I’d do that too.

He is most understanding about the health problems we are struggling with and never has a bad day.
He’s a jewel.

When we move downtown, I’m going to miss him.

And as an aside, the Post Office in town (a block from our new place), is full of just the nicest bunch. Maybe it’s because I
go in early and they haven’t had time to get cranky yet, but so far (15 years), it’s been nothing but a positive experience.

I don’t have the same pleasant experience when I go to Staples to use Fed-Ex. I always feel as if I am interrupting something.
Iin fact, I went to WalMart the other day and boy! did I feel like I was in the way. No one could help me and the checker seemed to be right peeved that I had only ten things. I wasn’t sure if I had too many things to be bothering her or not enough. But she sure was surly.

But I go to WalMart so seldom, going there and actually getting some help and the barest modicum of pleasantries from the checker would have totally surprised me. Maybe they save their happy faces for people they see all the time. And I really HATE the reverse greeter who wants to look at my receipt and paw thru my purchases. If I was going to steal something, it wouldn’t be curtain rods and shelf liner.

2 thoughts on “Mailman

  1. Our Post Office people are great, our carriers are not. If they would leave the cell phones in the pocket and pay attention to the job it might help, it’s a small town, gee, you would think they could read and make sure they at least deliver to the correct address??? They don’t knock on my door with small packages, leave them in the box if small enough or on the open porch if larger, regardless of weather…
    Our Wal-Mart people are, for the most part, polite and helpful, as are the people at the local hardware stores, the Dollar General and most of our fast food places..we don’t have much in the way of good restaurants here.
    It’s not a perfect small town but living here works for me, and I don’t want to live somewhere very big, they are great to visit, go play and shop and then come home, and I could like an even smaller town but won’t be moving, my hope/plan is this is my last home and that I live here many, many years.

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