I found a lone bamboo needle. Straight.

And a sizr 10, instead of one of the myriad size 6’s I own.
It was in one of my sewing machine drawers, along with the original 1900 book of directions and extra presser foot. No idea what the heck it was doing there, all by it’s lonesome.

This sewing machine is part of the next load of belongings to go on the truck on Monday. I think I have one load and then just a van load of things and I’ll be out. I don’t think I’ll be able to justify shopping for anything but food for probably the next 10 years. In fact, I think a 10 year moratorium is conservative. Maybe 15 years. I have a LOT of stuff.

I have a lot of projects to work on and unlike a lot of people, I don’t have a huge fabric or yarn stash, only because I’ve worked my way out of it. I have three knitting projects (an afghan in eggplant cashmere; a cardigan for Mike in a storm blue cashmere blend and a bamboo and silk hoodie for Lisi in the most beautiful turquoise you can imagine. The silk and bamboo feels like butter.

I have a serious longing for some cashmere socks but I’ve bookmarked the site and that will be good enough for right now). I have a set of beaded Christmas stockings I’m working on AND three cross stitch projects. Two baby things for my friend Cher and finish up the piece of music I’m stitching on black for my piano bench. Of all the things I do, I love cross stitching the very best. I like the precision and the repetitive motions. I have to blow up my patterns now (old eyes) but I like the total concentration it takes. Knitting doesn’t take that much, but the gentle clack of the wooden needles and the swoosh of the yarn being played out is almost like meditation for me.

I have miles of plain sewing to do also. I want to have the drapes in the library made by professionals I’m going to make all my drapes my own self. I have a book and a t-square. I think I’m smart enough and by not having to pay for labor, I can spend more on the fabric. For right now, I’m putting up lace in all the windows. The panels are so easy to take care of–run them thru the washer and hang up damp. Nothing looks prettier than fresh lace curtains in the windows.

I thought I was going to have to buy furniture for the library, but now that I’ve actually put furniture into place, all I need are two leather chairs. I hate leather but Mike likes it and for some reason, he is hard on furniture. The spare chair is to replace the one he will eventually break down.


4 thoughts on “I found a lone bamboo needle. Straight.

  1. I look at all the work of your move and then think of what small amount I have up in the attic. It will all come down some day before the roof is replaced. And into rented storage, for the most part, probably the smallest size available here, so there’s really not all that much–but fills me with dread. LOL, It’s great that you can do it so well, and it’s good knowing that it’s getting closer to being done.

  2. whether you do or don’t do the cross stitch, I luvs ya anyways.

    I know what you mean about having that “peace” while doing handwork. I sewed my own curtains for a number of years (just couldn’t afford anything) and made some for my classroom. It was the best thing I had ever done and super simple. Gave each classroom a lot of privacy so the distractions of other classes/kids constantly walking by never disturbed our learning. When we wanted to “see” out I would just pull them back.
    Chloe, your new home sounds extremely lovely. I hope that you and Mike will enjoy making many, many fond memories in it! I know I would if I had it!

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