I work for the government. I can help. (Not)

It comes as no surprise to ME that the state has managed to screw up my retirement paperwork. I was in Fresno today to
unravel the mess.
Remind me to never take my husband to meetings like this. It just upsets him. As in rolls his eyes back in his head upsets him.

The date is wrong. Fixed it. Need to get a signature from my specialist. Need to get a signature from my BANK, certifying that I actually do have an account there. My voided check isn’t good enough. And my marriage certificate? It has to be notarized at work. It almost seems as if some of this paper work exists only to slow things down. I have to sign each page, front and back. Sometimes, it needs to be First and Lastname. Sometimes it needs to be Lastname, Firstname.
Too bad screwing with people isn’t my job, because I’d be good at it.

Did I plan to continue with my health benefits? Duh. That’s the only reason I ever even GOT a job.
Well, they didn’t have any paperwork indicating….oh, sorry. Never mind. We can fix this. Of course, on paper, I won’t have insurance. But really, I will. It will get paid retroactively. So I just need to drag my retirement paperwork along with me so I can show that I really do so have insurance.

This is not the first government job I’ve had…and I used to have the job of fixing stuff. It is no big deal….unless of course,
it is YOUR insurance. It’s an easy fix. You just have to trust these people.

And you know how I feel about the government.

2 thoughts on “I work for the government. I can help. (Not)

  1. lol……..about trusting govt. Bob and I had no troubles retiring and getting our STRS checks and insurance. Maybe each county is different…but marriage license notarized at work? What the heck for? Sounds like more work for some peon to stay employed as a govt. worker, and you have to jump through all the hoops. duh!

  2. Poor Chloe. . . I noticed the category you put this post under. hehehe Maybe they will get it all right before you kick the bucket, huh? Don’t count on it. . .

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