Lace curtains and clean carpets

The lace curtains have all taken a turn in the washer with the whitener soap. They go up damp, and the wrinkles just magically hang out. I think windows with the very least covering on them make it look more like a home.

Then I have two carpets that need to be vacuumned, then supercleaned with a hose (please, no rain for 24 hours), dried on my carpet frame (outside…wind is allowed), taken up stairs and then vacuumed with an inch of their lives. These two are 1)a long runner for the upstairs mezzanine and 2) a ruby rectangular one for the guest bath.

I have others in storage and I have to drag them out and give them the same treatment. I use baby soap and conditioner and the carpets smell so nice and the colors just glow. I think it’s the conditioner.


One thought on “Lace curtains and clean carpets

  1. Oh my I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE baby soaps and shampoos. Having the grands over a lot, it’s fun to throw them in the tub and clean ’em up using them.
    Think I will have to go find the bottle and take a sniff. Grands just left an hour ago.

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