Drapes and china cabinets and silverware

I spent most of the day unpacking in the kitchen. Nowhere near done. I did take photos and need to post them, since just reading about this is about as boring as unpacking boxes.

I had a huge, 3-piece entertainment center and did not have an 18 foot wall. So I put the middle TV part in my bedroom and the two side parts in the dining room at a 90 degree angle in the corner. It leaves a window clear, so even more sunlight. I’m looking for sort of a gold/champagne burnout velvet to go over ecru lace. I love love love lace at the windows. The gold/champagne will go with both the library (crime scene red) and the dining room (a dusty rose we call “No Panties Tuesday”). My dining room chairs have been reupholstered in this wonderful eggplant paisley that I got for $5. For five yards. That’s what gave me the idea of the burnout. Too lush. All I have to do now is find the fabric I have in my head.

We have two huge chunks of mirror–18 x6 feet and another piece is about 5 x6. (You can find mirror at yard sales for pretty much nothing).

It gets cut up and put on the back of the china cabinet so the dishes, crystal and silver will sparkle. It is already wired for lights. Then, in the doors. we (and by this, I mean my husband) will install either hide glass with a fern design, poured or bubble glass.

Sort of depends on what we find. Hide glass is made by using plain glass coated with a glue made of boiled animal hooves and hide. Brushed on, it will peel off the very first layer of the glass in different designs, depending on the glue and the temperature. Sometimes it looks like lace or snowflakes or ferns. Poured glass gives sort of a waterfall or ocean water appearance and bubble glass is the thick, antique glass with bubbles in it.

I have FOUR silver chests of silver, two of which are the same pattern. My Da gave my mother a chest of silver when she had me. My mother gave it to my sister. (Bitter much there?) So maybe I have over compensated when I’ve hit the auctions. Okay, I know I have overcompensated. I’m using the set with the most pieces (oh the shrimp forks, the escargot forks, silver steak knives and little jam spoons, plus all of the serving pieces) and using it for good. Everything else, I’m using for everyday.


3 thoughts on “Drapes and china cabinets and silverware

  1. You know I loves ya so much but being I am older than you…….and at my age in life, I am just the opposite of you…….downsizing, downsizing, downsizing.
    I think it has to do with watching our parents “age” and realize THEY can’t take it with them (even though they would like to pile it in the hearst with them 😉 ) and neither can I so I am giving my stuff away or donating it. I just can’t keep it all clean, dusted and used. I figure if I won’t use it regularly in a year’s time it must go. By chance if I miss whatever it is I can always buy something to replace it. I think that is a huge difference as we age and realize we are on this planet earth just a “speck” of time.
    I like how you are surrounding yourself with the things you love. I am trying the same but each item saved has to be used within a year’s time or it goes.
    Hope this makes sense.

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